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Oink Country Love is the latest slot machine that Microgaming announced, and based on what I’ve seen so far it is one of the more fun titles in their very large collection. When it comes to the chosen theme, we’re looking at a game which has a couple of pigs singing country music, in front of an audience that is formed out of farm animals. You will be getting 45 active lines for each round that you go through, and along the way you will be spinning 5x3 reels. The game has the wild symbols and scatters that everyone gives out, plus it can deliver up to 80 free spins as well.

Betting and Prizes

You can play the game without using a very large bet, but the only way to do this is by minimizing the value of the bet that each line gets. You always seem to have 45 active lines though. The slot will also let you wager higher amounts, so if you’re after a bigger payday, you can increase the bet to get the jackpot there.

Oink Country Love Slot Features

Oink Country Love seems to have a pretty decent mix of features to offer its players. One of them, a feature that involves the two pig musicians, will give us a showdown between the two, where each one plays his own musical instrument. The showdown in question is between a violin and a banjo player.

The pig musicians are both wild symbols, which you can have in regular combinations. These wilds are usable as substitutes, whenever the game places them on the same line as a couple of matching regular icons. You can also have multiple wilds in a combination. As in most other slots, wilds don’t get the capability to act as replacements for scatters here.

Those scatter symbols show you images of Gold Tickets, which are a bit out of place for a concert that takes place in a barn. Still, having three or more Gold Tickets land on the reels will grant you access to a feature with free spins. As many as 80 free spins can be won, if your luck holds out for long enough and retriggers the feature enough times.

Theme & Design

Farm and country music themed slot machines exist already, but I don’t remember seeing another one that mixes the two together, and in such a good way. The farm animals that are the characters in this game start with the two male pigs that are playing instruments, and then you get only female farm animals that look at them with admiration. Cows, sheep, pigs and hens are all present in the crowd, and they all seem in love with our heroes, which are called Willy and Chancho. Last on the paytable are the symbols which are inspired by the letters or numbers from the poker cards, and which have a drawing style that looks inspired by the Wild West.

The action takes place on a farm, and so you will find corn fields behind the reels, along with musical instruments and a red barn where I imagine the concert taking place. The reels are made out of wood and surrounded by borders made out of the same materials.


This should be a game from Microgaming that you will enjoy. It has the right graphics, a theme that is not very common and all the features that you’d expect it to have.