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Oranges and Lemons slot doesn’t have the most interesting theme ever, and unless you have a particular desire for citrus fruit, it will not have that much to offer you. The reason isn’t just that it is themed around oranges and lemons, but also because all its other aspects are standard for slot machines, so you will find alternatives with identical features and gameplay, but also with more interesting topics. Wilds and multipliers are included, in a slot with 3 reels and with 1 line. The jackpot is going to get up to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

It’s one of those games which can use 1 or 2 coins, no more. You can modify the coin value yourself, in the usual range of up to $5, so the largest total wager allowed will be worth $10. It is a standard value, both for the coins and for the total bet, identical to dozens, if not hundreds, of other slots with 3 reels.

The better reward will come as a result of a 2 coin wager, and from the Orange icon. When you have three of them present on the line, the reward would be at 5,000 coins, or $25,000. The 1 coin wager pays 2,000 coins, or up to $10,000. Because of the bonus available from the 2 coin wager, I’d recommend you stick with the higher bet.

Oranges and Lemons Slot Features

I’ve mentioned above that the top jackpot will come from the Orange symbol, when it forms a combo of three icons, all on the same line. It’s not just a regular symbol though, it can also act as a wild, but only if it appears in the right conditions. If just one wild is contributing to the formation of a new combo, then the win that results from it will double in value. When two wilds do the same thing, then the win will quadruple, since they will pool together their multipliers. Wilds can replace all other symbols available in this game, since there are no other feature triggering icons.

Theme & Design

The theme revolves around two types of fruits, the orange and the lemon. You see both on the reels, but the colors are inspired mostly by the orange. Various shades of this color are visible in the background, while the paytable mixes white with green and a reddish orange. Besides the two types of fruit, you also have four classic icons (Bar icons with 1 to 3 stacked, plus a Golden Bell).


Oranges and Lemons will deliver a good looking design, pleasant to look at, but that’s its only advantage. It is a very common type of slot otherwise.