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Oriental Fortune video slot seems to be one of the older games in Microgaming’s collection, and at the same time it has a theme that is very common even among slot machines launched recently. It relates to China specifically, using for its images creatures and objects that are recognizable as belonging to that culture. The game offers just a few basic features, a limited number of lines (5) for its 5 reels, while the best payouts appear to be reaching values of up to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

The betting system employed for Oriental Fortune resembles what you would find in a classic game, the kind that would have more than one payline. You will have to use the same number of coins as you have active lines, so if you decide to use all 5 lines, you need 5 coins. Another way to vary the wager size is by modifying the denomination of the coins involved, where the smallest value is $0.25 and the highest one is $5. Should every option be set to its maximum value, the resulting bet would be worth $25.

The best payout you can hope for will return to you 5,000 coins, if five of the right symbols appear together on the payline. Depending on the coin value, this could mean anywhere between $1,250 and $25,000.

Oriental Fortune Slot Features

The game has only one symbol to act as a feature, and it’s the one that is most common in slot machines, both new and old. It’s the wild symbol, and in this case its image is that of a Geisha. The wild gets to substitute for any icon in this game that might need its help, but first it has to land in the position where help is needed. It will not assist if that condition is not met.

There is one other advantage that this game has over others, and it somewhat makes up for the lack of more features. It’s the ability it has, to form a combo not just with symbols that go from left to right on the line, but also from right to left.

Theme & Design

The design in Oriental Fortune slot is not something that will astound you with its quality, but it looks good anyway, and it offers images which are half related to Chinese culture, while the other half is made up of poker cards. We have the Geisha, the game logo, the Lion statue, the Dragon, a fish and a Chinese building.


Oriental Fortune is missing a lot of features that we’ve come to expect, and it has only a couple of lines, but that might be an advantage if you’re a fan of simpler Microgaming online slot.