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Pandamonium slot was created by Microgaming, as a game which has a Panda bear as its main character. This is no ordinary slot machine though. It has just 3 reels, only 1 line, yet it has more features and more detailed graphics than typical games from its category. The theme appears to be based on a Panda bear that plays the electric guitar, a regular rocker, complete with red face paint. The game will have nudges, bonus games and cash to give you. Speaking of cash, the big prize in this game will get up to $20,000.

Betting and Prizes

There is only one coin used in the bets of Pandamonium, and it will be worth anywhere between $0.10 and $10. You’re the one that decides what that value should be. Whatever denomination you choose, it will be the total bet for the round.

The payouts which one can expect in Pandamonium will go as high as 2,000 coins, which can mean $20,000 when the highest possible wager was used.

Pandamonium Slot Features

Nudges are a major side of Pandamonium, and they’ve been used in pretty much all Microgaming online slots that have this sort of mix, of basic layouts and advanced features. You can use a nudge to move symbols on the pay line, as long as they’re right above or below it. The result might be some new paying combination, which you came really close to forming on your own. It can make the game a lot more profitable, so it’s a good feature to have.

The Bonus Trail is the other side of the game, and you’re going to want to get access to it. It will take you to a different screen, where once again you see that weird panda rocking out, along with information related to the things you can win on the Wheel of Fortune that is placed at the center. The wheel can give you mystery wins, cash prizes, nudges or bonus games. Between 1 and 15 nudges can be won.

As for the bonus games, they include titles like Head Banger, Smells Like Teen Panda, Maximum Overdrive, Eat Shoot & Leave, Turn It Up, Bamboozled, Mosh Pit, Rock Out, Hot For Panda and Eye Of The Panda.

Theme & Design

It’s a game that follows a Panda Bear, which has red paint on its face and which plays rock on his electric guitar. It’s not exactly a standard theme, or a topic you’re likely to discover in another slot machine. The symbols selected for it start with the face of the Panda Bear, and then continue with things like water melons, purple electric guitars, green 7s, red guitars, gold bars, bats, oranges and cherries. As you can see, it’s an eclectic mix of symbols that are used in this game.

The quality of the design is more towards the basic end of the spectrum, so you’re not likely to be impressed with the look either.


Pandamonium has plenty of features, to try and convince you to give it a shot, even if you normally don’t go for the 3 reel/1 line type of slot.