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One of Microgaming’s classics, Party Time slot seems to focus on a party atmosphere, using images of cocktails, of jukeboxes and a colorful design to make it more attractive to players. You will discover an unusual betting system, which has been done before, but features don’t seem to be anywhere in sight. The game gives a certain preference to wagers with maximum coins, even more so than other slots of the classic nature. You can get paid up to $45,000 as a player in Party Time, by placing a wager on a single payline.

Betting and Prizes

You’re being invited to use up to three coins in this game, but there will be a strong suggestion that you have them all included in the bet. You will have a coin value which ranges between $0.25 and a maximum of $5, so with all the coins in play you can spend $15 for each round.

The best payout that you can go after will deliver you 9,000 coins, which can mean up to $45,000 cash, if you’ve wagered big enough.

Party Time Slot Features

The game lacks even the most basic wild symbol, something which plenty of 3 reel games have offered lately. Unless you count the cherries which pay for one or two symbols present, there aren’t any scatters present either in this game.

The only thing that’s unusual about it would be the fact that it doesn’t offer you the top jackpot unless you have 3 coins in the bet. All other combinations will pay for 1 or 2 coin wagers as well, but the 9,000 coins obtained from a combo of three game logos will come only with 3 coins in play that round.

Theme & Design

The game at least tries to make itself enjoyable, and party related, so you will discover symbols which are a mix of classic and party inspired. You have the game logo first, followed by a jukebox, a pink 7, a Bar icon with a bottle mounted on it, a Bar icon with a Martini cocktail and the cherry. The background is an abstract mix of blue and purple.


Party Time gives the player a chance to enjoy himself, but in a more restrained way, without features to interfere and with a half and half mix of symbols and themes in the design.