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Path of the Penguin is one of the many slots that are in Microgaming’s offer, and based on what we see in it, it’s going to be one of the most fun as well. With the action taking place at the South Pole, the heroes seem to be Ninja like penguins, with other creatures of the sea also present, like a very dangerous looking seal. Ice is everywhere, in the symbols and in the background, but the game still works well and it succeeds even at being funny. You have scatter symbols inside, plus wilds, bonus features and free spins. You’re getting 25 lines and from them you can win up to $30,000.

Betting and Prizes

You might not have huge value coins in this case, but even at a maximum of $0.25, they can add up since you can use up to 20 for one line. With the line bet getting to a $5 maximum value, for 25 lines you are able to spend $125 for each spin, should you wish to do so.

Coming from the best symbol, the wild, you can win 6,000x, which can mean as much as 120,000 coins, but the actual value will only go up to $30,000.

Path of the Penguin Slot Features

The Penguin Ninja is the one to watch out the most, the wild symbol being selected in this game as a trigger for big payouts, but also as a substitute that can come in handy every single spin, not just once in a blue moon. You can form a combo with a minimum of two wilds properly arranged on a payline, going from left to right, and you get paid between 10x and 6,000x if this happens.

Next, let’s take a look at the scatter, which also takes on typical roles for it, which allow it to trigger the bonus features, but also offer you prizes. As a scatter, the penguin in the ice cube can bring you up to 100x the bet back, and it can pay you even with just two symbols present.

However, if you have at least three scatters, you get the bonus feature as well, not just a prize. You have a bonus game with five blocks of ice, out of which you pick three that need smashing. You get additional spins or features from them, to be used in the free spins feature that comes next. You start off with 5 free spins, plus whatever you got from the bonus game.

Theme & Design

The games design is actually quite funny. Its setting and all the ice that surrounds it might not sound like it’s fun, but the penguin characters and their Asian influence, with tiny temples and with martial arts being performed on the reels and in the background, will make all the difference in the world. There is sushi, there are evil seals, penguins in ice cubes, shurikens made out of ice and weird weapons which seem to use squids in chains.


Path of the Penguin slot delivers a funny experience, it can pay quite well, and its features are somewhat better than the average game of this type will usually have to offer.