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Pharaoh’s Fortune is a game that could easily be classified as one of the most unoriginal titles you can find. It’s not only a classic slot machine, but also one which is based on Ancient Egypt, using images of pyramids, pharaohs and scarabs on its reels. Add to that a complete lack of features, and you get a very common type of game, with nothing to differentiate it from its many competitors. You’re getting 3 reels here, 1 line, while its payouts can go as high as $12,500.

Betting and Prizes

The bets allowed in Pharaoh’s Fortune all have to cover the same line, the only one that is available inside. You get a choice of both the number of coins, using 1, 2 or 3 each round, and their value. The denomination of the coins will get from $0.25 to $5. The complete betting range for this game is between $0.25 and $15.

Depending on the wager you’ve placed, you can win anywhere between $125 and $12,500 in this game. The use of three coins in the bet will get you the big prize, of 2,500 coins. With two coins, you get only 1,000 coins. The one coin wager will pay up to 500 coins. As you can see, from 2 to 3 coins, the increase of the bet by 50% can get you a prize that is up to 150% bigger. This is a bonus that you get only for the top jackpot, but it’s going to matter a great deal if you do get the right combo. I’d recommend you always stick with that 3 coin wager, even if the coin denomination has to be lower.

Pharaoh's Fortune Slot Features

As I mentioned, you have no features inside. You get no wilds, no scatters that can trigger new features, just regular symbols forming combinations. Some of them might combine among themselves to pay you, or they can pay with one or two symbols in certain cases, but they’re still not real features.

Theme & Design

Inspired by the history of Ancient Egypt, the symbols are mostly well chosen, using the Pharaoh, the Pyramid and the Scarab for about half of the available icons. You get gold Bars for the other three. The quality is good, at least for a 3 reel title, while the background is blue and has a golden logo in front.


Pharaoh’s Fortune, as dull as it may be, can be an OK game for someone that still enjoys this particular theme and wants it in a very simple slot machine.