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Planet Exotica looks like an adult themed slot machine, but with a twist, the fact that the action takes place in space and the characters are all aliens. You have attractive alien females, you have bodyguards, octopus like bartenders, weird cocktails and futuristic space shuttles, to mention some of the symbols in place here. The features aren’t missing either, so you will locate a Sneak a Peek bonus, a wild symbol, a scatter and the Select a Smooch bonus with its free spins and multipliers. There will be 15 lines as well inside, with the usual 5 reels, capable of paying you up to $10,000.

Betting and Prizes

For the 15 lines of the game, you can use 15 to 300 coins to activate them all, or you can have smaller chances to win something and use even fewer coins. Those coins have a very limited range, of $0.01 to $0.10, hence the large number that can be used. You may spend $2 per line at most, or $30 total.

The big payout seems to reach a value of 5,000x, which can translate to 100,000 coins, but unfortunately it will mean at most $10,000.

Planet Exotica Slot Features

You will see the Planet Exotica Logo if you’re looking for the wild symbol, and it will be a welcomed sight, since you will find the slot to be much more profitable with it inside. The number of winning combinations should be higher with wilds helping out as substitutes. Wilds can even pay very well, and the jackpot of 5,000x comes from its own combo.

The Smooch scatter, with some very pink lips representing it in the game, is a scatter, one that you will take advantage of whenever it appears at least two times. You get paid at most 100x the bet thanks to it, plus you trigger a bonus game called Select a Smooch. You pick one of the symbols, and you receive a feature which has a maximum of 10 free spins and a multiplier at 1x or 2x. You can increase the multiplier by 2x for each pink lipstick appearing on reel 5, and the free spins by +3 for a green lipstick on reel 4.

The Sneak a Peek logo needs to appear on the 1st reel, while on the 5th reel you get a babe in the same position. If this happens, the bonus game of that alien babe gets triggered, featuring her version of a strip show. You get to sneak a peek at her if you get three items of the same type matched up. You select up to 12 tiles out of 15 available.

Theme & Design

It’s quite an attractive game, and I’m not saying that just because alien strippers are involved. There are no unrelated symbols inside, only images which would belong in that alien strip club, from the bouncer, to bartenders and multiple attractive alien babes.


Planet Exotica slot will prove to be an attractive choice, one which should keep a player busy for a long while, at least until he gets to explore all the Sneek a Peek bonus games, for all the ladies.