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Poke the Guy has to be one of the most unusual slot machines that you’re going to see in 2018, and the ones that are releasing this title are the developers from Microgaming. It’s not the sort of thing that I’d imagine them launch, and it doesn’t even look like a slot machine, but it’s advertised as such and they claim that it’s a game to have some fun with.

You don’t get any reels and there aren’t any pay lines either, not even ways to win or cluster pays. It’s an entirely random game, which you play by throwing objects at a huge man in a suit, moving around quickly between landmark buildings from all over the world. The game does promise pays of up to 500x the bet, which for this game could mean a reward of $15,000.

Betting and Prizes

Betting is done at the bottom, from the arrows located next to the Spin/Throw button. You will have several options to choose from, with things to throw in the general direction of the guy. Each object has a different betting range. You start with the Duck that allows for bets of $0.01 to $0.06, and then you can use the Tree ($0.10 to $0.30), Piranhas ($0.40 to $1), Knives ($1.50 to $5) and Pink Ice Cream ($6 to $30).

The guy that you’re trying to hit moves at random, and if you do get your object on target, the reward will be anywhere from 2x to 500x. At most, that will mean $15,000 cash for you.

RTP wise, I don’t imagine that it’s going to be very high, not after playing it for a while. The bigger payouts were nowhere to be seen in my tests, the largest one hit being an 8x prize.


There are no actual features to be found in this game. All you do is click on the object that you want to throw, and it will be sent in a random location, where the Guy may or may not be at that moment. It doesn’t even try to send it where the Guy was just present, as often enough it will hit targets from the other side of the game area.

The wins that are offered don’t seem to depend on anything, just random luck, since the same position will pay one amount the first time you hit it, and a different one when you get him there again.

Theme & Design

The entire idea of this game is that you’re trying to hit a Guy with an object, but what you use will vary and will give you a different betting range to choose from. You can use knives, piranhas, ice cream, trees or bath ducks. Each one is held in place in a force field of sorts, until you click on it. The force loads and then sends the object flying.

The main character, the Guy, is a guy with a lot of facial hair and dressed in a yellow onesie. He moves on a map filled with landmarks from all over the world and skyscrapers. You get the Sphinx, the London Eye, Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore and others.


It takes the title of Silliest Game of the Year easily, and I’m not even sure why it’s called a slot machine.