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Pollen Party takes us on a trip inside a beehive, and we get to see all the inhabitants, from the Queen Bee, to her baby, to workers, nurses and soldier bees. There are all the other bee and honey related icons present, and overall it’s a decent game design wise. We’re seeing an unusual layout though, one which revolves around five reels that come in three sizes (three to five symbols) and with a total of 720 ways to win available on them. The features that are mentioned here include free spins, scatters, bonus games and wilds, so nothing out of the ordinary.

Betting and Prizes

Whatever the wager that you decide to use, you’re going to have to select a minimum number of coins that the game will deem appropriate to cover 720 ways to win. You will also have the option to increase the level of the bet, using multiples of that initial number of coins. The coin denomination is always on the table in Microgaming slot machines.

The rewards in slots which have ways to win aren’t usually that high, not individually at least. The multiples of the line bet might be smaller, but at least you tend to get more winning combinations.

Pollen Party Slot Features

Feature wise, you’re getting mostly things that you’d expect from any game these days. The list starts with the wild, continues with two scatters and with bonus games and free spins.

The Polen Party slot’s layout is unusual, with ways to win, 720 total and arranged on reels which have anywhere between 3 and 5 symbols on them. To form a combo, the requirement is to have matching symbols (and/or wilds) on neighboring reels, starting from the left side and going towards the right side. You need at least three symbols that match, to form your combo. It gets a little easier with the scatters, since they can appear anywhere.

The wild symbols are going to be in use here, and they’re going to be useful as substitutes. Having them appear on the right reel will trigger a new combo if the other reels also have the needed symbols. You can’t use wilds as replacements for the other feature symbols.

The bonus game, called Babee Bonus, is going to trigger when you see the baby bee icon on at least three spots. You have a feature triggered this way, with a new screen, where you get to pick from the various honey spots from the honeycomb. Your choices will result in cash prizes and maybe in some extra picks as well.

On top of the other features of the game, you also have 12 free spins, which you may trigger when you have at least three scatter symbols positioned anywhere on the reels.

Theme & Design

The game comes with a honey and bee theme that is part of other slots as well. They chose a funny look for the bees, so they’re not realistic and they resemble caricatures mostly. There are images of all the main roles from the beehive, including the queen, her soldiers, her babies, bee nurses and workers. The lower paying symbols have the images related to honey or to pollen.


Pollen Party seems like a decent new slot from Microgaming. It has that layout with 720 ways to win as a differentiator, and a decent design, but its features feel very averag.