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Atomic 8s is one of the three Micrgaming slot machines which are in the Power Spins series, where you get the option to wager extra and in return you get the chance to land wins starting from both sides of the line, not just from the left. The theme is part classic, part atomic related, with various specific icons in use to represent both sides. The features involve the scatters and the wilds, but that’s it. You’re working with 9 lines arranged on 5 reels, and you get paid up to $80,000 if you get lucky.

Betting and Prizes

The bets will take into consideration up to 9 lines, but they will be activated as you need them. You can spend a maximum of $90 for all the lines, or up to $10 for a single one. That line bet is made up of 10 coins, each one with the maximum denomination of $1.

The big prize in Atomic 8s slot will reach a value of $80,000 apparently, which is the equivalent of a 8,000x reward.

Atomic 8s Slot Features

First of all, we have that feature which gives this slot part of its name. The Power Spin can be activated from a button placed in the bottom right corner. You click on it, and the wager will add the equivalent of 3x the line bet, so it’s like using 12 lines instead of 9, paying up to $120 per spin now.

What you’re given in exchange for this option is the ability to form a combination starting from either side of the payline, not just from the left. You can have three symbols with one of them touching the right side of the screen, and the combo would still form.

The Atomic Logo will pay the big prize, which can get to 80,000 coins if you have a wager of 10 coins per line and if you get five of these icons to form a combo on an active line. The symbol is also used as the wild of the game, so it has uses even if you don’t get it to form its own combination.

There is a scatter as well, one which has a logo of its own to offer, and which is allowed to make its appearance anywhere it happens to land. You get paid anywhere between 2x and 300x the triggering bet with its help.

Theme & Design

The slot sports the kind of look that you’d expect to see from a modern classic title. You have multiple versions of No. 8 icons, you get golden bells, fire cherries, logos and the three types of Bar. The quality is good in each case, so that’s one thing that it has going for it, despite the unoriginal design.


Power Spins – Atomic 8s gives you a pretty good top prize, but its features are not very advanced or varied enough, so I’m not sure that in the long run they will be sufficient to keep you entertained.