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Prime Property is a pretty unusual slot, the reason being the theme that Microgaming picked for it. This is a real estate themed slot machine, with symbols which show off realtors and the houses they’re trying to sell, ranging from small ones to huge mansions with pools in the backyard. Expect to find bonus games with free spins as a reward, multipliers of up to 8x, scatters and wilds. The slot has 40 paylines total, with rewards reaching a maximum of $15,000.

Betting and Prizes

You are not forced to have all the lines active, so you will decide how many are in play, between 1 and 40 being the range in this case. Another range to consider is the number of coins to be used per line, going from 1 to 5. Finally, you have the denomination of those coins, which is from $0.01 to $0.25. You may spend $1.25 at most per line, or up to $50 total for one round.

The jackpot mentioned on the paytable is a good one, set at 12,000x the line bet, so you can take home $15,000 thanks to it.

Prime Property Slot Features

The Prime Property Sign is the substitute and also the symbol you can hope to get up to five times on a payline, the one which will give you the 12,000x jackpot. If it doesn’t form a combination with its other wilds, this symbol can still be of use to you, if you get it to act as a substitute for another symbol. It doesn’t replace the bonus or scatter symbols.

The Moving Truck is a scatter, one of two available in the game. Use it to trigger a prize, varying from 2x to 100x what the wager was, and it will do this when it is present in 3 to 5 locations on the reels.

The other scatter is even more interesting, since it triggers the bonus game, and eventually the free spins. You get the bonus game first though, and you start off with 1 to 3 spins for free and with a multiplier of 1x to 3x. During the bonus game you get the chance to earn more, and at the end of the feature the free spins begin. You can have up to 40 spins for free, while multipliers can be at 8x.

Theme & Design

Prime Property slot unique theme, with the focus on houses that are up for sale, and on the realtors that are selling them, will give you something that no other game will, and that’s quite rare these days, with thousands of slot machines competing with incredibly varied themes. The symbols look good enough and the end result is a pleasant one.


You don’t really need a connection to the real estate market to enjoy this game. It can pay extremely well and its features are pluses for it also, not just its theme.