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Pub Fruity is a slot whose action takes place inside a pub, the typical place where you would go to have a drink with friends. Microgaming created a classic slot machine out of this theme, using images of the pub, the bartender and various beer related graphics. It’s also a mix with the classic genre, using icons which you would see in a lot of other games. There are bonus games inside, and those can bring you the biggest payouts, of up to $5,000. The game is going to offer 3 reels and 1 payline.

Betting and Prizes

To activate the game, you need a bet of just one coin, and in fact you have no option to use more than that. You can just increase the coin denomination to a value that you’re comfortable with, the starting point being at $0.10, while the maximum one is at $10.

Payouts will reach 250 coins, or $2,500, if you rely on regular symbols and the combinations they can form. This can double, to 500 coins/$5,000, if you manage to reach the bonus game and take it to its highest point.

Pub Fruity Slot Features

The slot’s main feature appears to be triggered with help from the Dart icons, which are going to be held and lighted up. You will get a feature here, where you can win the biggest prize of up to 500x, but where there are also various other bonuses to trigger along the way. For example, you can get free spins, you can get smaller prizes, you can have nudges, or bonus games like Cocktail Shake or Stoppa Win.

The Dart bonus game starts with a choice of the character that you want to represent you. You have John, Roxy and Pat, and they will play the darts game and you will get paid based on the place they occupy at the end. It will be 1,000 coins for 1st place, 100 coins for 2nd place and 50 coins for 3rd place.

Theme & Design

It’s not going to look like a modern design, but it will be much busier than a regular classic slot. The action takes place inside the pub, you have the bartender behind the bar, there are beer handles, while the reels are placed in the area where the bottles would normally be located, behind the bartender.


Pub Fruity slot gets you a very interesting theme, at least for a man, and it will be a slot machine filled with bonus features and some adequate payouts.