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Microgaming’s Rabbit in the Hat is a modern magic themed slot machine. You’re going to get some impressive graphics from it, with 3d icons, with related images and animations, everything you could want in order to enjoy a slot machine, especially if you’re the type of person for which visuals matter. Expanding wilds, free spins, random cash prizes and wild symbols are the features you can expect to trigger if you play this game. Expect a layout which has just 9 lines arranged on 5 columns. The prize to go after will reach a value of $10,000.

Betting and Prizes

The bets required in Rabbit in the Hat seem to be lower than you’re probably used to, at least the maximum amount allowed. You can spend up to $18 per spin, which means that each of the 9 lines of the game will get bets of up to $2. That line bet uses a maximum of 10 coins, but since the denomination only goes up to $0.20, the total can’t be too high.

The right combo will give you a prize of $10,000, the equivalent of a 5,000x payout, an adequate reward for a slot.

Rabbit in the Hat Slot Features

The Magic Hat slot, with the WILD logo written on top of the symbol, will naturally be the one to substitute for other symbols, and in the case of this slot machine there are no exceptions to its powers. Since this is the only symbol with a feature attached, it can form up with any other icon and form a new combination. Naturally, as a wild that appears on all the reels, it can also form a combo directly and it will pay you more than any regular symbol would.

If you look at the top of the screen, you might notice that some reels will get hats with rabbits hiding inside. If you happen to get a Hat Wild symbol on a reel on top of which there is a Magic Hat, then a feature will trigger. There are four hats total, which can give you Free Spins, Wild Reels, Cash or a Mystery Prize. The Hat appears above the 5th reel, but then it moves towards the left, by one position each round, until it leaves the screen or triggers a feature.

While in free spins mode, all the reels get hats on top, and a new one will be placed on top of the 5th reel each round, so wherever you get a wild, it will trigger a feature.

Theme & Design

The design is one of the impressive things about this game, even though the choice of theme is not very original. They managed to create a wonderful experience for it though, with images of magic tricks, with rabbits coming out of hats, with lovely assistants and cards, among others.


Rabbit in the Hat slot doesn’t surprise with its theme, but the quality of the design and the unusual list of features can definitely convince a player to try it out.