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Rapid Reels is a river boating themed slot machine, one where the two main characters are crossing a river of green dollar bills, instead of the rapids that they would normally go through in a regular river. It’s a cute little theme they’ve got going on here, but it is also a classic slot machine, so most symbols are the pub slot ones. Expect the kind of classic slot machine that offers a wild symbol as its only feature, which has 5 lines on 3 reels, and which can pay up to $30,000.

Betting and Prizes

The players of this game will find that coins of $0.25 to $5 are allowed, and that they can activate between 1 and 5 lines with them. Maximum bets will reach a value of $25, while the minimum will be at $0.25.

As is often going to be the case, the value of the maximum prize will vary with the line on which you form the combination. You will get the best value out of the 5th line combo, where the worth will be at 6,000 coins, so up to $30,000. The other four lines will pay 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 coins, each one with its own value.

Rapid Reels Slot Features

Another expected part of the game is the use of only one feature inside, the ever present wild symbol. Showing in it one of the two people that are rowing in the boat, it will be the symbol that pays the big prize, the one I mentioned about the jackpot. That’s for when you get all three symbols of the same type on a line though. The rest of the time, when only one or two wilds are present on a payline, they try to act as substitutes for other types of symbols, so you can form combinations which rely on regular symbols.

Theme & Design

The theme, with its river of money that the happy looking rowers have to go through with their boat, is at least unusual and unique, there is no denying that. As usual, only one symbol actually gets to be themed, the wild symbol. the others start with a blue 7, continue with three types of Bar icons (colored in red, blue and yellow), and end up with the cherries.


Rapid Reels slot gets you an unusual theme, but that’s it. It’s a perfectly common classic title otherwise, at least among those that have 5 lines.