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The theme of Razzmatazz slot is as unusual as you can find these days. You apparently get a music band which is formed out of animals and birds, and there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection between them. You have the rooster, the alligator and a fox, each one having a music instrument that they use. The game is also a very classic Microgaming title, similar to every other 3 reel slot you will find out there. Only the wild can be considered an extra feature in this case. Payouts of $20,000 are on the line, but first you have to wager on the 1 line of the game and spin its 3 reels.

Betting and Prizes

The slot allows for a maximum of 3 coins to be part of a bet, with their value being something that is also left up to the player. You can have a minimum coin value and wager of $0.25, while the maximum denomination reaches $5. With three coins in the bet, the wager can reach $15.

There is a clear advantage to using 3 coins, over 2 coins, and the latter is better than using 1 coin in the bet. You get a bonus for using 2 or 3 coins, going higher and higher. For example, a 1 coin bet can pay you back 1,000 coins with the right combo. Using 2 coins will more than double that prize, taking it to 2,500 coins. The use of the 3rd coin improves the prize further, but not just with 50%, taking it instead to 4,000 coins. The most you can win in Razzmatazz is $20,000.

Razzmatazz Slot Features

The slot’s logo, with the Razzmatazz name on it, will serve in the main roles, used as both a wild and a scatter symbol. You will get paid the most when there are three wilds on the same line and forming a combo directly, the prize going up to 4,000 coins in that case. There is a second situation though, one where the wilds behave as scatters, so it’s enough if you have three of them in view, even if they’re not on the only payline of the slot. As scatters they pay up to 1,000 coins, so the line combo is still the way to go.

Otherwise, wilds can be used as substitutes when appearing once or twice on the active line, along with the required regular symbols which decide what combo will be formed.

Theme & Design

The theme of this slot is the only unusual part about it. Inspired by some sort of music band, where the three members are a fox, an alligator and a rooster, it displays the three characters in the background, right beneath the logo. The symbols are regular ones though, with a logo, a purple 7 and three symbols with stacked Bars on them.


Razzmatazz online slot has only an unusual theme to offer you, while in all the other ways it will deliver a very boring and regular type of action.