Reel Gems Deluxe Slot Review

Reel Gems Deluxe Slot Big Image

Alchemy Gaming and Microgaming have partnered up once again, and they’re launching their third slot machine together. Reel Gems Deluxe is the latest version for a slot machine that was initially released in 2010. The Deluxe title certainly seems to have won its name, as it gives us better graphics, excellent features and decent potential. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything about the incredibly common gemstone theme, so that side will not do much to make the game stand out.

You play with 20 lines active, you spin 5x3 reels, but there will be an interesting re-spin option present there, for you to use as you please (provided that you have the funds for it). Hyperspins option aside, Reel Gems Deluxe also has wilds and scatters, along with random Radiant Spins, or free spins with the Radiant Trail and giant wilds. Take everything into account, and that 1,000x jackpot which could be paid each spin, is not a surprise. On the other hand, once coupled with its high volatility style it might seem like too little, but the 96.36% RTP assures us that it’s a fair title.

Reel Gems Deluxe Betting and Prizes

You need a wager of $0.20 or more, to cover 20 win lines and send $0.01 to each one. Several bigger options are offered, with the highest being $100 per spin, and $5 per line.

Wins of up to 15x the stake can be paid out on each line by regular combinations, while wilds offer up to 50x the stake. During the free spins, where forming combinations on up to 20 lines at a time becomes much easier, rewards as high as 1,000x the stake could be paid in a single spin. For someone using the maximum wager, that’s a jackpot of up to $100,000.

Because the free spins have incredible power in them, they’re also going to make the game riskier for others. Despite the high volatility, the game manages to keep its RTP in check at 96.36%.

Slot Features

An option that is found in Microgaming slots, though only in some, the Hyperspins are actually paid re-spins. You see the Respin button at the bottom of each of the five reels. Once you get through the initial spin, you can decide to respin a reel of your choosing, in an attempt to get symbols that you need there, and trigger or improve a win. It can be expensive to use though, since it will change its cost depending on the odds and potential rewards that may come of it.

The Logo is the slot’s wild, to be used as a replacement usually, but also with its own rewards of up to 50x the stake to pay. It has a giant version, delivered only during free spins and Radiant spins.

Scattered Diamonds are also important, since they are the ones giving you access to free games. You need 3, 4 or 5 landing at the same time, to get paid 5x to 100x the stake, and then to also trigger 5, 7 or 10 free spins.

What makes the free spins special, is that you get the first two reels fully covered by one of the premium symbols. You start with the lowest value one, which pays up to 2x the stake per line, or 40x for a full screen. While the first two reels are covered with those blue gems, you get giant wilds, Retrigger symbols and regular gems on the other three.

The Retrigger symbol is particularly important, because it adds another set of free spins to the total, and then it changes the position on the Radiant Trail, to the next gemstone. The first two reels get different gems then, of higher value.

You keep retriggering the feature this way, until you reach the 5th level, where the game’s wild is. At that point, the first two reels are covered by wilds, and any symbols you land on the other three will result in combinations forming. 1,000x the stake is what you can win during each spin at this stage.

Radiant Spins are also a thing, and they’re basically randomly triggered spins which have the same mechanic as the free spins. The difference is that you could get the wild symbol to cover the first two reels immediately, but only for that one round.

Theme & Design

You are looking at a classic, the gemstone theme is old enough and often used, so I think that it qualifies as one. It’s not an impressive game visually, despite the attempts at bringing Reel Gems into the modern age. As symbols, you start off with four Royals, then you get four gems (blue, green, red and yellow), the Diamond scatters and the Game Logo wilds.


Reel Gems Deluxe will give you a bit of excitement, but it’s going to have everything to do with its features and the low chance to get to those guaranteed to pay free spins, and nothing with the graphics or story. There is obviously room for improvement, but the game does have potential if you can get to its features.

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