Fortress Charge Slot Review

Fortress Charge Slot Big Image

Fortress Charge is a game which takes advantage of a brand new mechanic that Crazy Tooth Studio is proposing, called Reel Quest. I expect we will get an entire series of slots that use this new feature, and all of them will be available at Microgaming casinos, as they are designed to be exclusive to them. It’s a game with a medieval theme, knights and treasures both being mixed in, and with excellent top payouts.

It’s not your typical slot machine, that’s for sure, so even though you get 6 reels, there are only 3 active lines to play on (the 3 rows of symbols). As the game’s heroes advance towards treasures, they trigger wins in about 1 out of 8 spins, which is very low. On the other hand, this high volatility game delivers payouts of up to 16,000x the stake, and it keeps the RTP high, at 96.45%.

Betting and Prizes

Picking the bet for the upcoming spin is all that is needed, and you have a range between $0.10 and $15 per spin, to use as you want to.

Up to 16,000x payouts have been announced for Fortress Charge, making this an excellent title for those that are OK with extreme volatility. In fact, the game has only about a 1 in 8 chance of triggering a win, so you do wait quite a bit even for smaller value payouts to come your way. Up to 1,500x is paid typically, but multipliers will kick in as well, and will help boost the rewards.

Fortress Charge Slot Features

A very special game, Fortress Charge relies on the Reel Quest mechanic. It uses the three rows of symbols as its lines, and you get a bit of an adventure taking place on each one. When you spin the reels, the 18 positions on the 6 reels are going to be filled with heroes, villains, accessories and obstacles.

Whenever a hero lands, and he does so on the 1st reel, he begins his quest across the reels. He moves to the right side of the screen, collecting weapons along the way, fighting villains and eventually reaching the treasure that’s found on the right side of the screen, in the fortress. Wins can also be boosted, if the hero finds certain bonus symbols, including with multipliers of up to 16x (2x each, up to 4 available). If the hero is defeated along the way, then his quest ends early, and he doesn’t get the treasure. If he wins, he collects the treasures found along the way, including prizes for defeating enemies. Various accessories which are collected along the way, as weapons mostly, will be useful against certain types of enemies.

The slot’s heroes are represented by the knight, dwarf, elf, dragon and beast.

Among the villains of the game, we find a snake, a boulder, spikes, scorpions and ogres.

As for the weapons that you can use along the way, those can be magic wands, metal shields, wooden shields, spears or potions.

Theme & Design

It’s not the typical slot machine, you can see that right away. The game has three stone walkways that the heroes go across, each one with 6 positions (reels). You find there all the heroes, villains, accessories, treasure chests and obstacles, all these being symbols used in different ways.


Fortress Charge is an excellent game for the Reel Quest mechanic, a slot machine with a very low hit rate, but with big rewards and an interesting way of doing things. I think you will appreciate the possibility of a 16,000x jackpot as well.

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