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Reels Royce slot plays on the name of a Rolls Royce luxury car, and the end result seems to be a Microgaming slot machine that is mostly on the classic side, but which also has that car angle to it, mostly in the background of the game area. You’re not going to see a recent Rolls Royce though, the focus being on a very old model, a gorgeous retro limousine colored in red and gold. The slot being a classic, it has 3 reels and 3 lines, plus it lacks any kind of features. You get paid up to $20,000 if you play this slot and you land the combination that you need.

Betting and Prizes

A total of 3 lines were used in Reels Royce slot, and Microgaming made sure to offer you the choice of how many of them will be activated for the round. The betting options are the same as in every other slot machine from these guys, the lines using coins which will go from $0.25 to $5 in value. You have three lines to cover and three coins, so naturally the maximum wager allowed will reach $15.

The payline on which the combination will form ultimately determines how much you can take home. It also takes into account the value of the coins you use. Reel 1 will pay at most 1,000 coins, or up to $5,000. With reel 2, the same combination will pay 2,000 coins, or $10,000. The best payout is clearly the one from reel 3, which will deliver 4,000 coins for a combo of three R logos, meaning up to $20,000.

Reels Royce Slot Features

As it often happens with classic slots, the developers chose to include no features here. You get only symbols which can form combinations, either with matching symbols or others that are in a certain category. There are no scatters or wilds though.

Theme & Design

The theme is supposed to be inspired by the Rolls Royce luxury car, but you don’t really see it in the design. You do have that one retro car in the background, a gorgeous machine colored in red and yellow. The reels don’t have much of a theme going on though, the main one being just an R logo with a 7 in the back. Other symbols include a second type of 7, a red one, plus the standard black and white Bar symbols, all three of them.


Reels Royce has a theme that is somewhat interesting, but not for a lot of people, and it lacks any features to set it apart from all the other classic slots.