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Microgaming has one of the largest collections of classic slot machines, and Rings and Roses is just one more example of such a game released by them. The theme is simply put, inspired by diamond rings and by red roses, so the title is at least very accurate about what is promising the player. You’re going to discover a pretty simple classic slot, a game with wild symbols, but little else. The layout of the game is comprised of 3 reels with 5 lines on them. You will be able to go after payouts of $30,000 while playing this game.

Betting and Prizes

Should you want to place a bet in Rings and Roses slot, you will have a maximum of 5 lines to activate, and you can go with just 1 line, or you can select as many as you want. Keep in mind, you need one coin in the wager for each active line. Those coins will have minimum values of $0.25 and maximum ones of $5. Use three of those coins in the bet, and you can spend $15 for that round.

As is often the case in classic slot machines which have 5 lines, you will get a different top payout, depending on the line on which the combo has formed. You should use the maximum number of coins if possible, since this will get you a chance at a combo formed on one of the later lines, and that means a bigger bang for your buck. The best payout is at 6,000 coins from the 5th reel, and it could mean up to $30,000 cash. The lower payouts, for reels 1 to 4, will vary between 1,000 and 4,000 coins.

Rings and Roses Slot Features

There is a single feature included in Rings and Roses, the image for it being that of the slot logo. You will use this symbol as a wild, a natural choice for a classic Microgaming slots, this being their most often used feature. Expect it to replace the regular symbols, with no exceptions since there are no other features present. You can also form those high paying combinations with their help, which bring you the top jackpot.

Theme & Design

The theme is cute in its own way, relying on a light blue background, on which the designers have placed a beautiful bouquet of red roses, with a gold diamond ring apparently hidden in it. The rest of the design relies on shades of blue and purple, mostly in the paytable area. Symbols start off with that game logo, followed by a golden 7 which has the diamond ring around it, and then there are golden bells, 3 Bar, 2 Bar and 1 Bar icons.


Rings and Roses gets you a pretty basic experience, a gameplay that relies on few lines and few features, but some players to enjoy that.