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Roman Riches is a slot that’s based on Ancient Rome and on one of the most famous rulers of this empire, on Caesar. Being a slot machine, Microgaming naturally decided to add the money theme to the mix as well, using mostly gold coins, but also statues and shields made out of the same precious metal. Expect a classic slot machine in the end though, one with 3 reels and with 5 lines, with a wild symbol for its only feature, plus a top payout that can go up to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

Given that you’re using 5 lines, you have 5 coins to use on them. Classic slots never seem to offer the ability to use more than one coin per line, when it’s a game with 3 or 5 lines, and Roman Riches doesn’t stray away from the path. Each of those coins has a standard value range, of $0.25 to $5, which means that you can spend at most $25 for a single spin.

The value of the jackpot will start from 1,000 coins, and can be taken up to 5,000 coins. The triggering symbols are the same ones, using the image of Caesar’s statue. It’s the payline on which the combo forms that will decide how many coins you get. The lower lines will pay the least, starting from 1,000 coins for line 1, then 1,500 coins for the second line, 2,000 coins for the third, 2,500 coins for the fourth one, and then jumping to 5,000 coins for the fifth line. The maximum cash value can get to $25,000.

Roman Riches Slot Features

The only symbol which is deserving of being called a feature would be the wild. The symbol to give away the top jackpot when it forms a combo, Caesar’s statue, will be the one to behave like a substitute as well. Use this symbol in combination with one or two regular ones, to form a combo with the wild acting as a replacement for a symbol that is missing. To get paid by the wild directly, get it to appear three times on the same line.

Theme & Design

Roman Riches slot is based on one of the more successful rulers of the Ancient Roman Empire, on Caesar himself. You will find him in this game in the form of a statue. The background image shows off that statue, along with piles of gold coins, signifying the riches of the Roman Empire. The rest of the Roman Riches symbols are classic ones, with three that have Bar logos and one that has a red 7.


Roman Riches doesn’t offer much in the way of features or graphics, so the choice of theme is the one that’s supposed to draw you in. If you’re a fan of Roman themed slots, go for it.