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Ruby Reels is indeed a ruby themed slot, and at the same time a classic title with few reels or lines, and even fewer features. The ruby theme is the unusual part about it, even though rubies have been used in more than a few games already. The game has a wild symbol, and that’s it for the list of features. You can win a payout of $25,000 in this game, but first you have to wager on up to 5 lines and spin the 3 reels which the game uses. It is a design that comes from Microgaming.

Betting and Prizes

Up to 5 coins are part of a bet in Ruby Reels. You use denominations for those coins which start from $0.25, and which can be taken up to $5. You spend at most $25 for a single round, where you would have 5 coins of maximum value in use. Each coin activates another line, so it’s a very good idea to have all the coins available to you in the bet, especially since payouts get a lot better on the later lines.

You can get paid up to $25,000 if you play Ruby Reels slot, and this is done through a combination of three Rubies forming on the 5th line. It will pay 5,000 coins back to you, if that happens. The other lines will also pay jackpots when they get this particular combo, but of lower value. Each line has its own jackpot value, starting from 1,000 coins for the first line win, and going up to 2,500 coins for the one on the fourth line. The fifth line will double what the fourth line offers, taking the jackpot to 5,000 coins.

Ruby Reels Slot Features

The ideal situation is to have the Ruby symbol appear in three locations on the same payline, which can mean a prize of up to 5,000 coins. Even though it’s a wild symbol, having it behave like a regular icon and forming a combo directly is still the best possible outcome. As a wild, you can use it when it appears once or twice on the same line, along with one or two regular symbols. A combination will form, taking into account the regular symbol present.

Theme & Design

Ruby Reels has the usual mix, of a classic and something extra. The extra in this case is the Ruby, a gemstone colored in red, which will take the big role and will offer the jackpot. The other four symbols include the three Bars and the blue 7.


Ruby Reels delivers the usual experience of a 3 reel / 5 line slot machine, so unless you have a certain love of rubies or gemstones in general, I’d suggest you go for another title, something which is more original.