Seven 7s Slot Review

Seven 7s Slot Big Image

One of the most unusual game you’ll see in Microgaming’s slot collection, Seven 7’s is delivered by a partner studio of theirs, called Crazy Tooth. They’ve designed a game with almost steampunk look, based on decorations available on the screen at least, and with a unique engine which makes sure that the experience you get inside is unlike any that you’re used to.

The unusual setup of Seven 7’s starts off with 1 reel and 1 visible symbol, and it can end up with 7 reels as it expands, but with the same one row, on which you get only 1 payline. Even though only 1 paying symbol is present, you can use it to get paid up to 25,000x the stake. All in all, an impressive slot machine, one that relies on a new game engine, called Continuwin. As features, you get those reels that expand to bring you more symbols in the combo, as well as multipliers. It might be an unusual game, but it’s not going to rip you off, I think we can agree to that since the RTP is at 96.6%.

Seven 7’s Betting and Prizes

For this particular game, all you have to do is make a selection for the game’s wager. You have the option to go low, even with as little as $0.20, or to get closer to the maximum bet, which is $10. The game’s rewards will take the total stake into account, since it’s a slot with only 1 line.

Get the game’s reels to expand to 7 columns, and form a combo of 7s on them, to get a prize of 25,000x the stake. With the bets available here, this can be turned into a $250,000 payout.

Naturally, the game has very high volatility, and yet it still pays back to its players 96.60% of what’s wagered (long-term calculations).

Slot Features

This is a slot machine which starts off with only 1 reel and 1 symbol. The paytable has three different symbols that it can place in that position. The only one that pays directly is the 7 symbol. The Bar symbol is next, but this one is not going to pay anything, so it’s a blocker. As for the 2x symbol, the last one on the list, it’s a multiplier and a substitute for the 7, which will double the prize when it’s on the line.

The system called Continuwin will add reels with each consecutive win that you get, using re-spins for this. Landing a 7 a single time doesn’t pay anything, but it’s going to be locked, and a second reel will be added. Get a 7 on the second reel as well, and you start getting rewards. These range from 2x the stake for 2 symbols in a row, to 25,000x for 7 symbols of this type, arranged on 7 reels.

As you can see, the game area gets bigger and bigger, with each new round where you land a 7 on a new reel.

The only additional feature is the 2x multiplier, which is a wild. You can double wins with its multiplier, but these apply only to smaller payouts, not to the 25,000x top jackpot.

Theme & Design

It’s a very elaborate design, almost steampunk-like when you’re looking at its decorations. The symbols landing on those 1 to 7 reels are just as complicated-looking, even though you’re not getting anything unique here. A 7, a Bar logo and a 2x wild multiplier, that’s all you’re getting in this very unusual slot.


Seven 7’s has decent graphics, a unique game engine and high volatility which can result in a 25,000x payout. Overall, it’s an impressive new game, which spices up Microgaming’s collection. Crazy Tooth Studio did a great job here.

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