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Sizzling Scorpions might have a theme that doesn’t look familiar to you, but it’s still a very classic title, one which relies on fewer reels and lines than a typical modern slot, and which also offers more than a few classic icons. Its theme, inspired by scorpions, is unique among classic slots, if not among modern slots as well. A bonus game is included in it, an unusual feature to have in a 3 reel / 1 line slot machine, like this one is. A jackpot of $25,000 is advertised, as the biggest payout that you can walk away with.

Betting and Prizes

Despite the use of only one pay line, Sizzling Scorpions slot can have up to three coins in a spin’s bet. They are all used for the same pay line, but the payouts increase with more coins used, not to mention that the bonus game only triggers when the maximum bet is selected. That maximum bet, which will use three coins of $5, can be worth up to $15.

The payout you can land here depends on wagers and on the combinations which are formed. With the Scorpions forming that paying combo, with three identical symbols present, you can expect a payout which can be at 1,000, 2000 or 5,000 coins, for 1, 2 or 3 coins used. With the maximum bet in place, the reward can get up to a value of $25,000.

Sizzling Scorpions Slot Features

Most 3 reel slots will have a wild symbol for their main feature, sometimes with a multiplier attached. It’s quite rare to find a slot like Sizzling Scorpions, where there is a bonus game for you to trigger. There are certain requirements in place though, before you can trigger the feature. You need to use the maximum bet, and if you don’t then the feature can’t be won.

Triggering it is actually quite easy if you have just one symbol on the payline. The Buzzard symbol is the one that’s going to get you the feature, and you just need it present on the win line, and the feature will be yours. You pick one of three scorpions, called Venom, Striker and Sting. A race of sorts starts next, and the place on which your scorpion finished will determine the payout that you get. It will be at 100, 50 or 30 coins, for places 1, 2 or 3, respectively.

Theme & Design

Sizzling Scorpions doesn’t disappoint, and is indeed themed around scorpions and around the desert in general. There are images of the scorpions, of buzzards and the Sun. The rest of the game’s symbols are the three Bar logo icons and the green 7.


Expect a game with an unusual feature and theme, but with every other side of it being very much a classic title.