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So Many Monsters is an alien themed slot, and one which comes from Microgaming. This developer has a couple of other titles with the same theme, and generally they approach the topic in a way that makes those monsters cute. It’s the case in So Many Monsters as well, where we have cute looking monsters, resembling rats, little demons, bats and so on, but each one smiling at you. The name also hints at one of the major features of the slot, which allows the monsters to multiply in a symbol, the game taking them all into account when forming combinations. Up to 25 monsters can form combinations on a single payline, thanks to that multiplication feature. The slot has 25 lines otherwise, and it is capable of paying up to $320,000.

Betting and Prizes

This is no cheap game if you’re looking to max out the wager. You can spend up to $500 each time you spin its reels, but only if you decide to do so, since there are plenty of options to modify the wager downwards. You can use fewer than 20 coins per line for example, or you can decrease the coin value from $1 to just $0.01. You can’t modify the number of active lines though, those will always be at 25.

With a lot of multiplied monsters of the right type on a payline, 25 of the Red Monsters being present in the combo, the payout can go up to $320,000, as long as the wager size is at the right value as well, of course.

So Many Monsters Slot Features

The main feature of the game, the one that sets it apart from others, is called Many More Monsters. The high symbols, the ones which show you the cute monsters, have the ability to split, giving you up to five monsters in a symbol. Each monster visible in the symbol counts towards the formation of a new combo. You need at least 6 monsters in a combo, to get paid, while the maximum number is 25 monsters.

The slot’s logo is used as a wild in this game. It can pay directly, so rely on it to get you up to $150,000 when you have five such symbols on a pay line, but it is also quite useful on its own, being capable of replacing any other symbol, but not the scatter. It does work with the monsters as well.

The next one worth talking about is the scatter, with the Green Eye visible in it. This one doesn’t care where it appears, as long as there are a few of them in place at the same time. Prizes of $500 to $37,500 are offered, along with a free spins feature.

The free spins feature gives you the option of picking a number of free spins, between 8 and 16 of them, each of the five options having a certain monster as the main symbol, which will replace all others. You can go with more free spins and smaller potential payouts, or with fewer spins and bigger payouts (when you choose the higher paying monster).

Theme & Design

It’s got a lovely design, with five monsters in the main roles, colored in red, yellow, green, purple and blue. They are accompanied by less impressive poker cards, also five of them present.


So Many Monsters slot is a very good slot to try out, one which can offer incredible prizes, features that few other slots will have, and cute graphics to top it off.