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Sonic Boom is Microgaming’s attempt at an airplane themed classic slot machine. They actually do a decent job with it, but they do it in their usual style, relying for more than half of the symbols on the classic icons. There are military jets on those reels, there are Bar icons and there are cherries, so the design is the one I expect to see in a slot of theirs. Features look OK, with a wild and a multiplier that can add up and get to 4x in time. A top prize of $12,500 can be obtained here. The slot has its 3 reels occupied by just 1 line.

Betting and Prizes

Just two coins can be used in a bet placed on the one line of Sonic Boom. You pick if you want to use one or two coins, but there will be a small bonus if the maximum number is selected. The other choice left up to the player is going to be about the coin value. The minimum denomination can be set to $0.25, while the maximum one can be at $5. With two of those coins at maximum value, the bet can reach a value of $10.

Give this game a big enough wager to work with, and you could walk away with $12,500 in your pocket. That is the maximum value for 2,500 coins, the biggest prize you can win in this game, with a 2 coin bet.

Sonic Boom Slot Features

The big feature of Sonic Boom slot appears to be its wild symbol, the slot logo being the one that appears in it. As usual, there are a couple of ways that you can take advantage of this particular symbol. One of those ways is through the formation of a new combination that has only its own symbols in it, in which case you get paid very well, the top jackpot being offered in this case.

The second situation is when you have the symbol acting as a wild, meaning that a new combination forms with it contributing as a substitute. Depending on the number of symbols which act as wilds in the combo, there will be a multiplier as well, applied to the jackpot value. There is a 2x multiplier used for a combo with a single wild, and a 4x multiplier which two wilds will apply to the win.

Theme & Design

The game shows off that military jet in a couple of places, the biggest one of them being in the logo, with the Sonic Boom logo behind it. You can also see the symbol on the paytable, and also on the reels. There is a logo symbol as well, the most important one of all, and the rest are the cherry/Bar symbols which are considered classic choices.


Sonic Boom will give you the right design, one that makes the slot slightly attractive, despite the fact that it’s such a common type of experience that it offers in every other area.