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Spectacular’s title might be appropriate for the theme that was picked in this case, but by no means does it describe the contents of the slot or the quality of the design. The chosen theme covers a cabaret dancing theme, with women dancing on a stage, wearing spectacular outfits made out of feathers on their heads. It’s a show that you’d expect to see in Paris or in Las Vegas, not on the reels of a classic slot machine. This game has wild symbols, multipliers and a bonus game. 3 reels & 1 bet line are in place, capable of paying up to $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

The wager is not very complicated in Spectacular slot. There are two coins that you can use, and surprisingly, they come with fixed values, of $1. The resulting bets will be at $1 or $2, with 1 or 2 coins selected.

There is a clear difference between using 1 and 2 coins, in terms of the value of the top jackpot, and in the bonus game which the latter can bring you. Using only 1 coin is not even worth considering, given the differences in possible outcomes. The big prize will give you 5,000 coins, and the value will be fixed at $5,000 since the coin denomination doesn’t vary.

Spectacular Slot Features

First, let’s look at the Wheel of Wealth. This bonus feature triggers when you have a Spin symbol on the 3rd reel, appearing just once. The requirement is to have 2 coins in the bet that round, or you can’t trigger it even if the symbol appears. As for the prizes that this feature can bring you, you can win up to 1,000 coins from it.

Second, there is also a wild symbol, and it’s the symbol which offers the big reward when it takes over the entire payline, the one which has the Spectacular Logo. Should it appear just once or twice, it will be used as a substitute for another symbol that is needed in that location. With one wild contributing to a win, the prize is doubled. With two wilds doing that, the prize quadruples.

Theme & Design

The show themed action found in the background and even on the reels of this slot will appeal to plenty of players. You see the dancers behind the reels, on the stage, but on the reels and on the paytable the symbols are only partially themed.


Spectacular has interesting features for a 3 reel slot machine, and a theme that is unique for this category, so it has good chances of doing well with its audience.