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Spike’s Nite Out slot shows you what happens when a bunch of guys (or dogs in this case) get together for a poker night. You see the various mutts around the poker table, as they smoke cigars, drink beer, count their poker chips or bluff their way to a great night with the guys. All the major characters are dogs of different breeds, though behaving and dressed as humans would. The game delivers a wild symbol, a scatter and a bonus game. There will be 15 lines inside, on 5 reels, with jackpots reaching 15,000x.

Betting and Prizes

The bigger wagers in Spike’s Nite Out will have a value of up to $30 per line, or $450 per spin. Wondering how you can get to that kind of bet? Well, you can use a maximum of 10 coins for each of the 15 lines of the game, and you can pick the value for the coins as well.

As for the rewards, the game seems to be one of the titles which make it easy for the player to decide to play it. You can get up to 15,000x back from this game.

Spike’s Nite Out Slot Features

Look out for a logo of the game, if you’re interested in knowing how the wild looks like. This symbol is used both as a replacement for some other symbol when appropriate, but it can also form a combination together with other wilds, and they will pay better than any other combo. The big payout offered by a combo of five wilds reaches a value of 15,000x. As for the substitution ability, that one works only if regular symbols are involved, so not with scatters.

The scatter, because there is only one of those, has an image of a Doggy Time logo. Because it is a scatter, it appears in scattered locations around the reels, and should you have a minimum of two visible you will get a cash prize which can even reach values of up to 100x the wager. With a minimum of three such symbols, you will get access to the bonus feature.

The bonus game shows you the poker table with the dogs around it, and asks you to make a number of picks, up to 6 of them being possible. You get a cash prize with each pick, and it’s in addition to the one offered by the scatter.

Theme & Design

The theme is built around the idea of dogs hanging out, sort of like humans would on a poker night. You see them all around a poker table, as they’re dealing cards, drinking beers and just having fun. The winner gets a dog collar marked Poker Champ. There is also a bowl with biscuits marked All In, rawhide bones and a kitty as a hostage. It looks like a lot of fun, especially since it’s so well designed.


Spike’s Nite Out will prove to be a fairly interesting title, mainly thanks to its cute theme/design combo, as well as its big payouts.