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A top-notch studio, like Microgaming, didn’t rise to fame all by itself. Naturally, only some of the many slot games are produced by the studio and the rest are collaborations with other developing companies. In that regard, Microgaming has a few partners that keep things fresh and interesting when it comes to producing games. SpinPlay Games is one such partner.

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Little information is known about this company. It was founded in early 2019 in Las Vegas, one of the many cities dedicated to the casino industry. The staff prides themselves on being math specialists and bring that knowledge to their games. Since the studio managed to land a partnership with Microgaming it’s a pretty ambitious one. To strengthen that partnership both companies produced Roman Power, the first of many slot games.

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Studios have often turned to ancient periods for inspiration, and the Roman Empire is one such source. It serves as the theme in the game as well as the inspiration for the symbols appearing on the reel window. To keep things interesting the developers also added some classic features.


This title goes to prove that SpinPlay Games is a studio that takes its partnership seriously and is off on a good start to producing many high-quality titles. Players will just have to wait and see what this studio comes up with next.