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Spooks and Ladders seems to be a slot that is inspired by Halloween and by all those scary creatures that will come out to play that night. With vampires, ghosts, bats and zombies, among others, the game looks like a very good attempt at a classic slot with a Halloween theme. The features are far from classic ones though, since they include a bonus game and nudges. 3 reels & 1 pay line are used, and they can bring you payouts of $20,000.

Betting and Prizes

1 coin is all it takes to get the reels spinning in Spooks and Ladders. There is also the fact that you can’t use more coins than that, but at least you are allowed to change the value that it has. There is a range for you to work with there as well, starting at $0.10 and getting up to $10.

The slot’s feature, the only one which can give you a prize, will pay up to 2,000 coins, and with the maximum denomination set, this could mean $20,000 cash.

Spooks and Ladders Slot Features

I will mention the nudges first, since they can be quite helpful as you go through your spins. They allow you to push symbols which are next to the line, on it, but only if this ends up with the formation of some new win. Naturally, you need the rest of the symbols on the line already, or pushing that third one isn’t going to do you any good.

Dice rolls are offered as prizes in the base game, replacing direct wins, the way most slots work. Forming a combo will result in 3 to 9 dice rolls, depending on which combo has formed. You will get to use these dice rolls in the feature that comes next.

The bonus game, triggered for every single win, will have a new screen for you, with a layout that has ghosts, ladders, skulls, pumpkins and cash prizes. You roll the dice as many times as you can, and you land on various positions. Ultimately, the hope is that you will get to the last position of the board, the one which pays 2,000 coins. If you don’t get a cash prize directly, then you need to highlight three objects of the same type, in order to get its prize. These prizes can vary from 10 to 100 coins.

Theme & Design

It’s a good design to have in a game that is trying to look spooky, but at the same time there is a certain amount of humor in the graphics as well. There are plenty of symbols with images of eyeballs, coffins, frogs, bats, vampires, ghosts and logos, if you’re in the base game. The feature has the ladders, the ghosts, skulls and the pumpkins.


Spooks and Ladders is definitely not a regular 3 reel game, but chances are that you’re tired of that sort of slot anyway.