Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire! Slot Review

Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire! Slot Small Image

The way it often happens with Microgaming, they offer us here a classic inspired slot machine, but one with rich features and with a lot more details in its theme. Speaking of the theme, this is another side of the game that is not typical. The main character is a stallion that is a billionaire, hence the Stallionaire of the title. Bonus games and nudges are advertised, while the layout will get 3 reels and 1 pay line. You will aim to win a top prize of $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

Whatever the value of the wager you ultimately end up with, it will be only one coin that is used in it. The only thing that changes is the coin value, which will have a value of up to $10, with a starting point at only $0.10. Whatever coin value you assign, will also be used as the bet for that round.

Both in the base Stallionaire game, and during the bonus feature, the ultimate prize that you can go for will give you 500 coins back. Should the highest coin value be selected at that point, you can expect a prize of $5,000.

Stallionaire Slot Features

Those that want to reach the feature section, will need for the Horseshoe symbols to come in, arranged in any direction. You can have three horizontal, diagonal or vertically arranged Horseshoes, and they can come in three versions (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Either way, with three in a line you will get the board game like feature to trigger.

You start off on this board game, and you advance as far as you can. Depending on the position you land in, you can win various bonus games, you can go bankrupt, or you can reach one of the jackpots of 500 coins. The features which can be won include some which are named Nosebag, Win Some Wedge, Paddock Inspection, Horse Around, Quick Buck, Giddy Up, Nags to Riches, Medallion Stallion, Hold Your Horses or Bust The Bookie.

Theme & Design

The theme is unique, there is no denying that, and there are plenty of situations where Microgaming did this, also with 3 reel games that do very well feature wise. The actual design style is nowhere near as interesting as the theme’s idea. Symbols have images of luxury cars, of carrots, cigars and simple classics.


I’ve found the idea behind Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire to be a rather interesting one, but the design didn’t make me want to play it.

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