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Stunt Pilot slot appears to focus on a theme that I for one haven’t seen before, being inspired by stunt pilots, the ones which would go up in the air in small airplanes and would delight a crowd with the acrobatic moves that they would perform. The game even has a bonus game which focuses on these stunts, just as it has scatters, wilds and free spins for you. Microgaming used 30 lines in this game, and the combinations formed inside will pay up to $15,000.

Betting and Prizes

The range for the coin value will be at $0.01 for its minimum, and at $0.25 for its maximum setting. You also have the option to increase the line bet from 1 to 10 coins, and so you can spend up to $2.50 for each one. If all 30 lines get this treatment, and they are active, you can end up wagering with $75 per spin.

If you check out the paytable, the biggest prize that is mentioned there will tell you that you can get back 6,000 times what you put in on a single line. For this game, it could mean a top prize of $15,000.

Stunt Pilot Slot Features

The Stunt Pilot gets that ever important role, of the symbol which acts as the substitute and which also awards the top jackpot. This combination of roles is chosen for most slot machines, and you have it in Stunt Pilot as well. As the substitute, the symbol will act as another icon, if it happens to be in the position from where it can do so. It also forms combinations like regular symbols, and it pays more than any other icon when it manages this.

The Plane would be the scatter in this case, the symbol which you will use to get paid no matter where its appearance might be. You simply need enough of them to be on the five columns, a minimum of two being sufficient to trigger some sort of prize.

3+ Planes will be necessary if you also want access to the Stunt Feature, besides the cash prize. You pick three stunts, which will be performed by the plane, and the score that is given for those performances will decide how many free spins you get from this bonus game. Payouts during the upcoming free spins will all be doubled.

Theme & Design

It’s a game that tells a story of an air show, a place where people come to enjoy themselves and to watch acrobatics performed in small airplanes, by skilled pilots. You see the airplanes in the sky, above green fields, and on the reels the symbols show off the airplane, the pilot, gold trophies, helmets and pilot glasses.


Stunt Pilot slot will not have the great design that other Microgaming slots might offer, but its theme is not one that you see in a slot machine every day, and its payouts and features aren’t too bad either.