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SWAT Team might be a classic slot machine, and a pretty common one if you look at payouts and features, but it has a big advantage over other such titles, and that would be its theme and the humor that you can see in it. The SWAT Team that the title alludes to is actually a team of flies, dressed as SWAT members. The fact that flies are often swatted down allows the title to be funny and even a little clever. The game, even though a classic, still delivers a wild symbol and a multiplier which is attached to it. Prizes can get you paid up to $8,000, if you wager on the 1 line of the game and you spin its 3 reels.

Betting and Prizes

SWAT Team is the type of slot machine that has only two coins for you to use, and you pick if you go with 1 or 2. There is only one line to get that wager though, so using the 2 coin bet means that you will get double the usual prize. Coins get standard sizes, for a Microgaming classic title at least, and they will start at $0.25 and be taken up to $5. The maximum bet will be worth $10.

A top payout of 1,600 coins is offered when 2 coin bets trigger a combo with the right three symbols. The actual value can be anywhere between $400 and $8,000, depending on the denomination of the coins.

SWAT Team Slot Features

Whenever you have a wild symbol in a classic slot machine, the odds are very good that it will be the one to give away the top jackpot as well. It is the case in this slot as well, where the SWAT Team Logo is both a trigger for the big prize and the wild feature. To use it as a jackpot trigger, have it appear on the only line available, three times.

Used as a wild, you get its help whenever there are one or two symbols present on the pay line. The payout will double when a single wild helps out, and it quadruples when there are two of them acting as replacements for other icons.

Theme & Design

The theme, with its flies acting as SWAT Team members, is clever enough to make it an appealing choice. The design is pretty good also, and even though you get three bullet shaped Bar symbols as well, there are also icons with flies that are swatted, with armed flies and with the game logo. About half of the available symbols are properly themed.


SWAT Team, a hilarious classic slot machine from Microgaming, might not offer anything extraordinary in some areas, but it has something to differentiate it from other 3 reel games, and it might just be enough to make you play it.