A Tale Of Elves Slot Review

A Tale Of Elves Slot Big Image

Microgaming’s upcoming slot, A Tale Of Elves, is expected to be made available for the winter holidays, with its launch expected to happen about four weeks before Christmas. The elves are also known as Santa’s little helpers, and it is in this role that they are making an appearance here.

What they went for, in terms of game setup, is a system which delivers 243 potential ways to win, via the slot’s 5x3 reels. We also know that the RTP is going to be 95.07% for the game, which is worryingly low. At the same time, this game will have a higher volatility rating, and thanks to it there are big top jackpots of 20,000x the stake that could trigger for some players. Looking at its features, we find wilds capable of paying top prizes, but also scatters, random cash prizes, free spins and multipliers.

A Tale Of Elves Betting and Prizes

The complete betting range for A Tale Of Elves is going to be between $0.30 and $12. All the while, you use 30 coins and get 243 ways to win in exchange. Line bets of up to $0.40 are possible.

In a slot machine where we’re expecting high volatility, we’re also looking forward to big prizes, and A Tale Of Elves doesn’t disappoint there. 20,000x the round’s stake is an excellent return, and the game gets there by using 243 ways to win, individual wins of up to 16.66x the stake, and up to 5x multipliers.

There is one thing that may keep some players from giving this game credit though, and that’s the 95.07% RTP that has been mentioned in its case. Considering the average of about 96% that most slots come with, this one will pay considerably less to players in the long run.

Slot Features

If we’re talking about winning symbols that we can form, then the Wreath is the one you’d want occupying as many positions as possible. That’s because this symbol is going to form the best winning combinations, with 16.66x the stake offered per line, twice as much as the Yellow Elf, which is the top regular symbol. That same Wreath also acts as a wild though, so it is potentially useful even on other lines, where it can’t form combinations directly.

Santa’s among those that appear on the reels, and it is used as a scatter, one which gets you paid whenever there are at least two of them visible. With only two scatters, you get a random prize, up to 50x the stake selected then.

However, with 3 or more, the prizes are fixed, and they could get to 200x the stake. At the same time, you are able to select the free spins, with four variants to choose from. Each one uses a different stacked premium symbol and multiplier to apply to all wins. You retrigger the feature in the same way, with 3+ Santa scatters.

  • 8 Yellow Elf Free Spins: 5x multiplier and 3-symbol high Yellow Elf premium symbol.
  • 10 Orange Elf Free Spins: 4x multiplier, along with Orange Elf symbols stacked 4-high.
  • 14 Green Elf Free Spins: 3x multiplier, while the Green Elf symbol is stacked 5-high.
  • 18 Blue Elf Free Spins: 2x multiplier, with 6-symbol high premium stacked Blue Elf.

Theme & Design

Most of us are looking for a slot machine which has a traditional design for the winter holidays, typically with Santa in the main role. A Tale Of Elves obliges, placing the old man in the role of the scatter, so it’s not that visible during your regular spins. The other feature symbol is the wild, with the image of the Wreath. Mostly, you’re going to be looking at the symbols with the four Elves (yellow, orange, green and  blue) and the gingerbread-made Royals.


A Tale Of Elves looks great, and if we go by visuals alone, it could definitely convince a lot of players. Having big top prizes, up to 20,000x the stake, will not hurt it either, even though the volatility is high. On the other hand, a somewhat low RTP of 95.07% will keep away most players that look into this sort of thing.

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