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The Heat Is On slot is a story about a bank robbery, a classic one in many ways, which has both a cop and a robber on the two sides of the law. What is different in this case is that it offers in those roles two beautiful women, Selina and Jean, the robber and the cop, respectively. The slot machine will use a total of 45 pay lines, the reels have 5 columns and 3 symbols each, and as features you will discover two wild symbols, a scatter and some free spins.

Betting and Prizes

You will have 45 lines each round, a number that is fixed and can’t be changed by the player. Each wager that you use also has an extra bet in place, of 5 coins. You get to 50 coins per spin this way, with the coin value being the side that you’re free to change as you want to. You can get going with a minimum wager of $0.50 ($0.01 per line/coin), or you can spend a lot more.

The rewards of The Heat Is On seem in line with what Microgaming tends to offer in their slot, both when it comes to the actual prize value and the average RTP. I did enjoy the higher than average number of lines, on 5 standard sized reels, and with two different wild symbols to increase the chance of a win.

The Heat Is On Slot Features

First on my list of features, in any game, is the wild symbol. It’s a staple of the modern slot machine, something that you need in every game, and which is available in two different symbols in this case. Both main characters have been selected for the roles of the wilds. Selina and Jean, the blonde and the brunette, are going to appear as substitutes in the game and you will be able to have them in any winning combination. They will not replace scatter symbols. On the other hand, they can form combinations and get you paid directly, if you happen to land five matching wilds on the same line.

The other symbol that you can expect the majority of the slot machines to have, is the scatter. Here, the image of the scatter is that of a Bank, presumably the one that’s being robbed by Selina. Have these in 3+ positions, even random ones, and you get 5 or more free spins, with the option to retrigger the feature.

Theme & Design

Theme wise, you’re looking at a simple robbery themed title, the difference coming from the use of attractive women for the roles of the police officer and the cat burglar. Other than that, you have images of helicopters, motorcycles used to escape, gold bars stolen from the bank, dynamite to use on the vault door and the two women. The poker cards make up the rest of the list of symbols.


The Heat Is On slot is not different enough from a lot of other slot machines with the same theme, but I guess that some players will prefer it anyway, since the main characters are a lot more attractive.