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The Smashing Biscuit is a new slot machine, which has been created by PearFiction Studios, as an exclusive title which is only available at Microgaming casinos. It’s a fun game, which follows a story that we haven’t seen in other slots, about three brothers playing in a punk rock band, trying to become famous.

To get the 500x top payouts which the game can offer during its best rounds, The Smashing Biscuit uses 5 reels and 20 active lines during its main game and 4x3 reels for its free spins. Besides free spins, there are multipliers, wilds and a random feature which can deliver several types of rewards.

Betting and Prizes

You are able to select the bet for the entire game area, and the 20 lines involved will all get one coin, whose value can vary. You can have bets of up to $5 per line ultimately, while the full range goes from $0.20 to $100.

As the game is capable of paying 500x total stake, its rewards don’t seem to go higher than $50,000 for a single spin. While the rewards mentioned here aren’t very exciting, and a lot of players might not be happy with them, it’s worth noting that this is considered a game with Medium volatility, which means that it’s not going to take forever to trigger a reward, and it will not be a very low prize either.

Another aspect that gives us hope for this game is the RTP which the developer announced for it. At 96.08%, the Return is calculated for the game’s entire life, and it tells us how much is expected to go back to the players overall. It’s about as fair as most online slots these days.

The Smashing Biscuit Slot Features

The multiplier meter, which you see on the left side of the screen, is going to be present there and will vary as you play the slot. When you get a win, the multiplier goes up by 1x, and then it can boost the next wins. If you have a losing spin, then it goes down by 1x instead. Obviously, there are more losing spins than there are winning ones, but you still get a chance at decent multipliers from time to time. The highest that the multiplier meter will go is 11x. You only get the multiplier meter for the base game wins.

Dad is going to provide you with a random bonus feature, which can result in free spins triggering, in cash prizes or in bigger win multipliers.

There are also wilds in the game, simple ones which you can use on four out of five reels (doesn’t show up on reel 3).

Access to the free spins can be obtained via Battle of the Bands logos, and they give you a new screen, with 4x3 reels. If the band members form a combination, they get turned into extra wilds, and they’re available in this form for the rest of the free spins.

Theme & Design

The story of this garage punk rock band is a fun one, the graphics are cartoon-style and cute, and I loved the entire thing. The graphics are a plus for it, especially since in addition to the three members of the band (Tiny Biscuit, Crunchy Biscuit and Soggy Biscuit), you have Dad and several guitar-shaped Royals. The free spins get their own symbols, with the Royals being replaced with themed symbols.


The Smashing Biscuit is a lot of fun, and the story has a lot to do with it, along with the graphics which are in place. It doesn’t hurt that it’s got a good RTP as well, despite the low top jackpot.