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Thousand Islands is a slot whose inspiration seems to be coming from the early explorers, the ones that crossed oceans using tiny sail ships, often without even knowing if there was something on the other side. Microgaming picked a very elegant design for this game, one which relies mostly on various shades of brown and on a sepia style background image. There are even a couple of rather common features inside, a wild symbol and its multiplier being present. The big prizes, of this 3 reel / 1 line game, will reach $8,000.

Betting and Prizes

The activation of a spin can be done with a single coin, but for best results I would recommend going with two coins if possible. The game’s wagers allow you to change the value of the coins as well, not just the number, and they will go from $0.25 to $5. The full betting range is between $0.25 and $10.

The better payout will come to you when you have two coins in the bet, and three symbols of the right type on the line. You can win 1,600 coins at that point, or $8,000. With one coin in the bet, that same combo will pay just 800 coins, so up to $4,000.

Thousand Islands Slot Features

The symbol which you’re going to love seeing in this slot has a logo with the number 1,000 on it, probably coming from the title Thousand Islands. If you see it occupying all the positions of the line, it will be capable of paying very well, up to 1,600 coins in exchange for its own combination.

Because this symbol is also a wild, it will be useful as a substitute as well, when appearing just once or twice on the line. One wild logo will bring you a payout worth 2x the usual amount, thanks to its multiplier. When two wilds pool their forces, the multiplier jumps to 4x.

Theme & Design

I’ve found it to be an interesting design, a very elegant one, which makes exploration look almost romantic, the way we imagine it now. The sail ships are visible if you look behind the reels, but on them the symbols have nothing to do with them. There are logos there, along with 7s, with the various types of Bar symbols and some cherries. They are all done in that same beautiful style as the rest of the design.


Thousand Islands slot, though a typical game in enough ways, sports a kind of look that I wouldn’t expect to find in a slot machine with just 3 reels.