Tiki Vikings Slot Review

Tiki Vikings Slot Big Image

The collaboration between Microgaming and Just For The Win has brought us a new slot machine, one which features a unique blend of the Viking and Polynesian cultures. The two meet for the first time in a slot machine, and this is how Tiki Vikings has come to be.

Tiki Vikings spins 5 reels and will give you 20 lines for that game area. You win as much as $75,000 in a single spin or re-spin, though since that’s only 300x total stake, the slot’s volatility appears to be on the low side. The major features which the game introduces are also on the rare side, with re-spins which have locked symbols, offered along with symbol upgrades.

Betting and Prizes

The selection of the wager is done for the entire game area, and it will vary between $0.10 and $250. The amount used here will cover the 20 lines which the game activates each round.

A top jackpot of up to $75,000 sounds like a good deal, and usually I’d agree, but since it requires a bet of $250, this means that you get only 300x total stake back. This signals a slot machine with low volatility, which pays often, and so it is forced to have lower prizes to give away as well. The top paying symbol has the logo of the game, and when forming a combo of five it is going to return to you 15x total stake.

The game’s volatility is low to medium, which means that while payouts aren’t of very high value, they tend to trigger fairly often and in the long run this makes up for it.

Tiki Vikings Slot Features

The feature list is not a very long one, but what it lacks in diversity, it makes up for it by triggering fairly often.

In fact, you get access to the Symbol Lock Re-spin feature every single time that you get a winning combination with a high value icon. This means that the combo needs to have either the Tiki Vikings Logo or one of the three Vikings symbols, as its main ingredient. Once a combination of that type forms, the game locks the involved symbols and then gives you one re-spin. If new symbols of that type are added on the locked lines, then the win is improved, and the re-spins continue. This stops when you fill the line or when no more new symbols are added to them.

There is also the possibility of upgrading the symbols involved. There is a special meter for this, which will take the locked symbols to a higher value, by replacing them with better icons.

Theme & Design

It’s not typical for a slot machine, to mix two themes together when they don’t have any connection. When done right though, the game can be a lot of fun, and this is evident in Tiki Vikings as well. The story seems to have the Viking explorers reaching the Pacific and meeting the locals. Polynesian style graphics and Royals are part of the design, but the main characters are three Vikings, shown here with flowers in their hair. The top symbol has the game logo as its image. It’s a pleasant design, and JFTW did a good job in this case.


Tiki Vikings, a game with a tropical setting and Viking warriors, has a lower volatility type of gameplay, but there is enough fun to be had inside, if you give it a chance.


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