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A game whose action seems to be taking place in India, Treasure Palace slot will show you a local Rajah, along with various pieces of jewelry or art that are displayed in the palace. The game’s look is not an overly modern one, but it feels unusual for the kind of theme it offers, since nobody else has thought of approaching this exact topic. The slot’s features are kind of basic, involving only simple wilds and scatters. There are at most 9 active lines, the 5 reels for them to form on, plus the payouts which can reach a maximum value of $20,000.

Betting and Prizes

Each of those 9 lines, if activated, would require one coin for the wager. You can’t use more than 9 coins for one round, but you do have the possibility to increase or decrease the denomination, as long as it is within the range of $0.25 to $2. The largest allowed bet will reach a value of $18.

There is a very good top payout on the line, one which gets to 10,000 coins. It requires that a regular symbol should form a combination, with all five positions on the line occupied by it. The symbol in question is the Rajah, and it will reward you with up to $20,000.

Treasure Palace Slot Features

The first of the two simple features available in Treasure Palace game is the Wild Pendant. Made out of gold, with some kind of blue gemstone in the middle, it’s going to be a welcomed sight on the reels of Treasure Palace. The wild symbol has the ability to substitute for another symbol, but not for a scatter. There doesn’t seem to be a prize offered by the wild on its own, it always needs to be part of a combination.

As for the second feature, it comes from the scatter symbol, which you will recognize by the Gold Key image shown inside. The only reason to have these symbols in the game is to trigger cash prizes whenever they’re in 3, 4 or 5 positions. Those prizes will be worth 5, 20 or 50 times total bet value. There are no other features offered by these scatters, since there are no bonus games or free spins in this slot.

Theme & Design

With the inspiration for Treasure Palace game coming from Indian rulers and the treasure filled palaces that they owned, you will find that most of the images are related. You have the Rajah, you have jewelry boxes, gold coins, jade and ivory statues of animals, and then there are also the poker icons colored in gold and with various gemstones next to them.


Treasure Palace will give you a good theme and a prize big enough to be a reason for you to play the slot. I didn’t like that it had so few features inside though.