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Truck Stop isn’t the first or the last slot machine to go with the trucker theme, and it does a good a job as anyone else with it. That’s when it comes to the design though, while the features tend to be a bit on the simple side, as is often the case in slots like these, which have just 9 lines on 5 reels. The features are the scatter and the wild, without any others coming through them. There are prizes which can go up to $2,000 in this Microgaming slot.

Betting and Prizes

The value of a bet for just one line will start from $0.25, and from there it will go up, as high as $2. Given that you have a total of 9 pay lines that can be used, you can spend as much as $18 each time you spin the reels.

Despite the low number of lines and features, the Truck Stop game doesn’t excel at offering prizes, the best offer being at 1,000 coins, so at most $2,000.

Truck Stop Slot Features

A couple of Beer Bottles are shown in one of the symbols, with a WILD sign being placed at the top. Obviously, this one is the wild symbol, which can be used as a substitute for any other symbol in the game. Should you land it on a pay line together with a couple of regular symbols of the same type, the wild will substitute for the missing one, so that the combination can form and you can get paid. The wild will do this for any of the regular symbols, but not for the scatters. There are also no direct prizes available from the wild, so you use it only as a replacement for others.

Second, there is the image of a Truck’s Horn, which has the word Scatter printed underneath. As the logo mentions, this is a symbol which is allowed to appear scattered, rewarding you with the right number of symbols, not requiring a certain position for them. Rewards offered in Truck Stop will start at 10x, and then they go to 50x and 100x.

Theme & Design

The action in Truck Stop slot takes place on the open road, so besides the image of the three trucker characters, there will also be images of signs warning about kangaroos, beer bottles and horns, plus the obvious red and blue truck. It ends with a series of poker icons, going from the 10 to the Ace. Overall, the game has a decent looking theme, but it’s not something anyone would consider modern, and it doesn’t compare well if placed alongside a new release.


Truck Stop doesn’t have for you a rich experience, not relying on too many features or big payouts, but the theme might be something that you will be interested in.