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Microgaming is set to expand their collection of branded slots further, with a new casino game, called Village People: Macho Moves. As you can figure out yourself, based on its title, the game is themed around the famous band of the 70s, Village People. Recognized for their act, as much as they were for their music, the band is now present as a slot machine’s inspiration, and the game even comes with some of their famous songs for its soundtrack.

Village People: Macho Moves gets 6 reels and there will be 20 lines in play for them. The slot’s RTP is at 96.8%, so we can tell that it can pay fairly well long-term. As for the rewards which could be offered for its luckiest spins, the top one can reach $60,000, which would be 2,400x total stake. I also found an impressive list of features inside, especially its 6 different types of free spins, along with all the wilds and multipliers that can be delivered through them.

Village People Macho Moves Betting and Prizes

The wager is going to start low enough, with a minimum amount required of $0.20 per spin. The other end of the slot’s range will stop at $25, which is the highest bet possible.

The base game is far from impressive, payout wise, with the best possible outcome reaching 120x total stake there. Things are looking up once you check out the game’s free spins though, as one of those comes with up to 20x multipliers. This boosts the game’s potential, all the way up to 2,400x ($60,000). It’s still not a huge jackpot, but it does look a whole lot better than the base game top reward.

As far as the RTP goes, we know that it is set to 96.8%, which is fairly high and definitely enough to make it an OK pick for players that want the lower volatility which the game seems to promise.

Slot Features

The wilds and free spins from Village People: Macho Moves are the true stars here. The wilds will get you started, as these symbols are collected in each reel’s meter. Before you get to use the meters you’re collecting, you will be able to use them as replacements in new winning combinations. Furthermore, these are expanding wilds, so you cover entire reels with them, if they appear.

I’ve mentioned above the meter, which sits at the top of each reel. It collects 5 wild symbols, and then it triggers one of the 6 versions for the free spins. Each reel’s meter triggers a different version. All of them offer 5 free spins, but the extra features are different (up to 20x multipliers, extra wilds, wild reels, walking wild reels, low symbol replacement and sticky wilds). There is something for everyone there, but obviously the favorite for most will be the version with random multipliers, which boost payouts by up to 20x.

Theme & Design

Village People: Macho Moves is a game that’s based on the famous Village People band from the 70s. It uses their soundtrack as a companion for the player’s time inside, plus it has several music related images and a retro vibe that fits the theme well. It also has card suits, in addition to the icons with records, shoes, sunglasses, 8-tracks and microphones. The Village People’s members are at the top of the 6 reels, dressed up as they appeared on stage as well.


Village People: Macho Moves has what it takes to be successful, a game with a theme that many will love, and with low enough volatility that it’s going to be fun for the casual player.