Wacky Panda Slot Review

Wacky Panda Slot Big Image

Wacky Panda is Microgaming’s newest 3 reel slot machine, and it’s a classic game that can stand toe to toe with the best of them in terms of graphics quality, which is an unusual thing to say about this type of slot. Theme wise, it’s inspired by the popular and cute Panda Bear, with the action taking us to the Asian jungle.

Wacky Panda comes with 3 reels, which is standard for any classic game, and with 1 active line in all the spins that are triggered. Your biggest wins will go up to $16,665. When it comes to features, players shouldn’t expect to get any in this game, as it’s just not that sort of slot machine.

Betting and Prizes

When you’re looking at the bets of Wacky Panda, there are slim chances that you would get overwhelmed with your options. There are only three coins to use in this game, and they’re all used for the same active line. The other option that you get is to modify the denomination of a coin, and its range would be anywhere from $0.01 to $5. If you decide to rely on all the available coins, then you can spend up to $15 for each spin.

The absolute best payout that you can get from this game is going to be worth $16,665. To get there, you first need to use a wager of 3 coins at their highest value, and then to get a winning combo of three Panda Bears of the right type. The 1,111x multiple of the line bet is only offered for wagers of 3 coins, while for the bets with 1 or 2 coins you get at most 1,000x the line bet (1,000 or 2,000 coins, respectively).


If you go back to the times when fruit themed slot machines ruled the casinos, you wouldn’t find too many complications or features in them, especially those that were mechanical. With the electronics making an entrance into this field, the complications and features started appearing as well. Wacky Panda is not the sort of game to complicate matters though, and despite its pretty graphics it doesn’t behave like a modern game at all. It’s a very simple 3 reel classic, which doesn’t use a single modern feature in it. You will not find multipliers, wilds or scatters inside, only regular icons that form combinations when they align on the game’s only active line in all available positions.

Theme & Design

Wacky Panda gets in front of the player a Panda Bear theme, with a very clear Chinese influence, especially in the surrounding nature graphics. The image shown beyond the reels is that of a waterfall that goes into a lake, with a bamboo forest nearby. It’s a beautiful image, peaceful and very well designed.

If you check out the reels, those keep the same nature inspired look, using the bamboo shoots in their construction, with rope used to tie the pieces together. The reels were placed on the left, while the paytable is always visible on the right side.

Finally, we get to the symbols that are shown on the three reels. Those get images of Panda bears mostly, including the one that looks wacky in the main role. The others are shown in various colors, both female and male. For the last few symbols, they went back to the classics and chose to use images of grapes, bananas and watermelon.


You should give Wacky Panda a try if you’re looking for a very simple slot machine that doesn’t sacrifice its looks in the process. It’s got a superb design, but no features whatsoever.

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