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Winning Wheels appears to be a racing themed slot machine, a classic at heart, but with a set of features and graphics which take it closer to modern game territory. Formula 1 racing seems to be the inspiration for the game, and on the reels where will be various drivers, cars and objects that would belong in such a race. The racing themed bonus game will be one part of the game that I’m sure you will appreciate. There will also be other features, nudges being shown prominently on the main screen. Despite the modern inspiration for the features/design, this is still a 3 reel game, and it has 1 line. The largest jackpot possible will be worth $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

The bet you use in Winning Wheels game varies in value, the minimum being $0.10, while the maximum is at $10. No matter what that value ultimately is, it will all come from a single coin wager, whose denomination is the same as the total value of the bet.

Between 1 and 500 coins are awarded by the game, whenever you form regular combinations. The bonus game can also offer prizes of that top value, so there are a couple of ways that you can use to get a prize of $5,000 here.

Winning Wheels Slot Features

The big feature would be the bonus feature, which needs you to land three Tires in a line, arranged diagonally, horizontally or vertically. As long as there are three Tire symbols that line-up that way, you will get the Race feature. There seem to be three versions for the Wheel icon, colored in bronze, silver or gold.

There are three characters visible in the bonus game, right next to the board game. You have the Good Pilot, the Villain, plus a blonde girl that’s sitting next to the winner. The game gives you a chance to race, and you get access to a cash prize, to nudges or to a bonus game, depending on the position you reach on the board. The aim is to reach the Finish Line, but along the way you will also discover features like Flying Lap, Speed Demon, Pit Stop, Super Charged, or Pole Position. You can also re-fuel, you can have fuel leaks or engine failures.

Theme & Design

Winning Wheels slot is a racing themed game, but thanks to the villain racer you also get the feeling that you’re in some animation series from Cartoon Network. I found the design to be a bit silly looking, but humor can be a plus for it. The two racers, a bottle of champagne, Bar icons, 7s, helmets, flags and wrenches are the symbols you will get in the base game.


Winning Wheels can be an interesting choice, but it’s far from unique, at least for a Microgaming classic. The theme is the one that is different, but there are other slots which are similar to it in the other areas.