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Worldcup Mania is one of those Microgaming slots that seems to come out once every four years, whenever the Olympics or the Soccer World Cup come around. It’s the soccer sport that gets all the attention in this particular slot, but there is something different as well besides it, its attempt to turn various pieces of soccer equipment into characters. The other images are either with the foods you might enjoy in a pub or on the stadium, while looking at a game, or with things like trophies. Those looking for the features will discover that wilds are in place, along with the bonus and the scatters, with the multipliers and the free spins. You’re using 15 lines at most, where the best payouts could reach $37,500.

Betting and Prizes

With 1 to 15 lines which are waiting to be activated, and with line bets of up to $5 (5 coins of $1 at most), you might get up to $75 with your bets, but there is always the option of reducing every side of it, and the reels will spin for as little as $0.01.

Normally, the big payout will give back 7,500x, so up to $37,500. You might be able to take it higher though, especially if you land free spins with multipliers of 3x.

Worldcup Mania Slot Features

I’d like to mention the Wild Football slot first, since you’re going to rely on this symbol either to behave as a substitute, or to give away a very good prize when it has enough of its own icons together. You get the big jackpot from it this way, or you have a substitute which helps you get more smaller wins. Either way, it’s a useful symbol to have around.

The Winners Trophy is another one that doesn’t behave like a regular symbol. Though you need between 3 and 5 such symbols on an active line, they give you a bonus game instead of a direct prize. The triggering symbols will determine the range for the prize. The best one will start at 60 and will go up to 2,500 coins.

The Referee Whistle is a generous feature, which combines the scatter symbol with the free spins. You get 10 free games with all prizes tripled if 3+ scatters are present, plus you might retrigger them as you’re playing through. The scatter’s direct payouts, which are in addition to the free spins, give you 400 times total bet.

Theme & Design

Some soccer themed games take the sport seriously, and they focus on the players and the fans, but Worldcup Mania doesn’t do that. Instead, it turns various pieces of equipment into characters which have eyes and mouths (the whistle, the ball, the shoes), while most of the other symbols get various fast foods (pizza, French fries, hamburger, hot dogs and beer).


Worldcup Mania’s soccer theme is not as visible in it as it is in its competitors, so even those that don’t particularly enjoy this sport can try it out.