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Wowpot, in the 3 reel version, is a pretty classic, but also a pretty ugly slot machine. It has its features and advantages to give you, but it will all be in a very colorful design, with classic icons taking the majority of the available positions from the paytable, while the best one is held by the game logo. Multipliers are applied by the wild symbol, and you can win a progressive jackpot as you play the slot. The game has 1 line on 3 reels. It’s one of the few classic slot machines from Microgaming that is also capable of offering a progressive jackpot, so keep reading if that sort of prize interests you.

Betting and Prizes

A game with 1 line, which allows for up to 3 coins to be used in a bet is hardly something unusual. With fixed values of $0.50, the wagers in Wowpot will be at $0.50, $1 or $1.50. That is the full range of the betting system.

You have to use all the coins available to you, so a wager of $1.50, if you want to win the progressive jackpot in Wowpot. It can give prizes in the four or five figure range, while the regular payouts offered in the game will award at most 1,000 coins, so up to $500.

Wowpot 3-Reel Slot Features

A combination of three Wowpot logos, all on the active line, will deliver to you the progressive jackpot. Three coins need to be used during that spin, or the progressive jackpot is not awarded. With one or two coins, there is no prize available from this symbol. The same happens with the wild ability of the logo, which is only available to you during spins triggered by 3 coin bets. A single logo present will give you 10 coins, while two of them will pay 20 coins. Three will offer the progressive jackpot.

When used as the substitute, the logo will double the prize offered, with its own multiplier. When there are two logos present in a new combo, they both use multipliers, and the total is at 4x the usual amount.

Theme & Design

I’m not entirely certain about the theme of Wowpot 3-reel slot. There is that Wow logo used in one of the major symbols, and also in the background image, but I see nothing to be impressed with. Otherwise, you will find a couple of types of 7s, a couple of Bar stacks and a cherry.


Wowpot 3 Reel is the game you should play if you prefer the classic slot machines, and you want a progressive jackpot as a target.