Zombie Hoard Slot Review

Zombie Hoard Slot Big Image

Zombie Hoard is coming, and it’s going to be a fun-looking zombie-themed slot which is designed by Slingshot Studios, for exclusive release at Microgaming casinos. The game doesn’t look too scary, the comedy/cartoon angle being preferred in its case. The biggest pro of this game appears to be its use of features, and so it’s going to be recommended especially to players which prefer something a bit more complex, which will keep their attention on the game for longer.

With a game area which delivers 5 reels and 9 fixed paylines, Zombie Hoard will not form that many winning combinations each round. The rewards don’t get very high, but multipliers, regular and super stacked wilds, scatters, free spins and four different spin modifiers will help make the action interesting anyway.

Betting and Prizes

Your wagers in Zombie Hoard can begin from a minimum value of $0.09. You take the wager up from that point, and it will eventually reach a value of up to $45. This is always for 9 active lines, which means that on each one you will be placing a bet of up to $5, though it can be as low as $0.01 as well.

It doesn’t look like the type of game to be ultra high volatility, and so the rewards aren’t likely to go very high either. You get a multiplier from the free spins, and various other features as well, so at that point you can go for the game’s biggest rewards.

Slot Features

This is where the magic happens, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the part of the game which feels unique and fun, something that I haven’t found in the game’s payouts or graphics.

The game logo is the wild symbol, the one you’re seeing on the reels as a replacement for regular symbols. There are rewards being paid out by the wild when it’s by itself in 3+ positions from left to right, on an active line. Other times, it will be only a substitute for a regular symbol which is needed in the position where it landed. It’s the natural role of the wild, so in that way it’s not that special. Its extra abilities will be found when the wild appears on the 3rd or 4th reels. There, it’s going to be super stacked, typically contributing to all the game’s lines if it appears in all positions on the reel.

As you play through the game, you will get tokens to appear, as part of Royals, which are the slot’s low value symbols. Once you’ve collected over 30 of these tokens, you will trigger the free spins, and have up to 34 spins to go through. The second way to get into the free spins is through Brain scatters, 3 to 5 required for this. Whatever tokens you’ve collected up to that point, will decide how many free spins you get.

Besides super stacked wilds now being on all five reels, the free spins also get a 2x multiplier for all their winning combinations.

Theme & Design

It’s a zombie themed game, obviously, and so there are four zombies acting as the slot’s main characters. You add the image of brains, of the game logo and of the Royals, and that’s the complete line-up of symbols which you get to use. The style is cartoon-like and a bit funny, so definitely not scary.


Zombie Hoard should be an accessible game for most, with its interesting features being the ones that will probably get your attention.


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