Aces and Faces Power Video Poker Review

Aces and Faces Power Video Poker Image

Aces and Faces Power from Microgaming is a type of video poker that provides various game options, impressive winnings and a full selection of coin values. This game is offered in from a single hand, 4 play, 10 and 100 hand variations. Each has different betting requirements, but allowsfor multiple hands to be played simultaneously.  

Those who have played video poker with Microgaming will find the options panel is very similar to their others games. Players can choose from different coin values, use the double up feature, and of course, win impressive winnings of up to 4,000 coins.

Microgaming has included easy to used, clear graphics that don’t require any high-spec computers or special software. The game can be eccess via download, instant play, as well as mobile software compatiable with Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

How Aces and Faces Works

The game is easy to play as rules are easy to understand. Simply get a combination of any face cards or aces to qualify for a reward. This means all 2’s to 10’s will not reward with a pair, but will payout massive amounts once a combination of 3 or more appear with them.  Other standard poker combinations can show up to receive higher winnings.

Each round begins once the player has selected a coin value and pressed the deal button. The game will not display 5 new cards on te screen from which players can choose to replace any that do not match with another. The option to replace all card or none is also possible. Once unused cards have been selected, the game will replace them and provide a new set in their place. This will make it possible for combinations to match up with other cards for higher winnings.

Above the cards, the paytable will be shown where winnings for each number of coins wagered is displayed. Each winning will offer 5x greater rewards than its lowest payout as up to 5 coins can be used in each spin. Jackpot wins range up to a maximum of 4,000 coins with the greatest bet, while the same win with minimum bet will only payout 500 coins.

Microgaming has developed an exciting game experience that can trigger impressive payouts for each combination reached. Aces and Faces also assists by showing the cards that do not have value, making it easier for players to replace them. However, players can choose the cards that remain in place and the rest that are returned for better reward opportunities.

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