All Aces Video Poker Review

All Aces Video Poker Image

All Aces video poker from Microgaming provides a higher opportunity due to its focus on Aces. The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards along with the classic Microgaming interface that offers a variety of coin options and up to five coins per hand to be played. It further includes the option of a Double Up feature.

Players will be delighted to find how easy the All Aces is in so far as understanding the game, its payouts and the various hand combinations that are offered. This includes standard poker hand combinations and several others with that focus being four of a kind combinations. This version offers an average payout percentage of over 98%, making it one of the most rewarding video poker titles.

The paytable is clearly displayed above the cards and shows all possible combinations that can be won. All Aces Poker rewards the same for regular combinations as most video poker variants but provides a much higher payout for four Aces. These can range up to 2,000 coins while a royal flush pays as much as 4,000 coins when five coins have been wagered. The minimum coin size is $0.25 and is maximum is $5.00. Game settings, information, and options are all displayed in the classic Microgaming bar where betting will also be displayed.

How it Works

All Aces Poker is very easy to play even if you have never played video poker before. Standard poker combinations are used to generate win combinations. The only difference is the variety of four of a kind wins that this version features.

Once a wager has been determined, and the β€œdeal” button has been activated, a total of five cards will be dealt and displayed on the screen. The minimum required hand needed to result in a win is jacks or better. This is followed by any pair, three of a kind, a straight, flush, full house, four of a kind. A straight flush and finally a Royal Flush. The payout amount vary and are based entirely on the number of coins wagered. The lowest paying hand will be jacks or better at one-five coins however the Royal Flush will pay 250-4000 coins. This clearly shows that playing max coins is the best strategy to use for this and all other Microgaming video poker games.

Higher ranked combinations trigger a far greater experience so it is ideal to follow this playing style. All coin and coins per hand settings can be adjusted between hands to suit players and their gaming strategy.

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