All American Video Poker Review

All American Video Poker Image

All American is known as “standard video poker” from Microgaming. The game is a straightforward version of the video poker meaning there are no special features such as wildcards or higher payouts for combinations that are not standard in the game of poker. All American offers a variety of wins based on particular poker hands. The amount won will depend on the number of coins you wagered as well as which combination is realized at the end of the hand. The minimum hand needed in order to extract a wein is jacks or better.

Microgaming has once again included their standard payout panel and offers an optional double up feature that can be optioned each time a winning hand is completed. Should players be interested in the double up feature, simply press “double” button and that will take you to a Hi Lo card game. Play carefully as if you sleect incorrectly, your win will be forfieted. However, if correct, it will be doubled. You may option to repeat this multiple times to increase winnings per hand.

How it Works

All American Video Poker works just like the standard video poker. Players can select a coin value along with the number of coins they would like to use per game and hit the deal button. This will see five cards dealt on screen. The goal is to achieve jacks or better at a minimum of any of the other displayed hands that will award a win. The largest of those is the Royal Flush paying 4000 coins. As this version allows for a $5.00 coin size, it can equate to winnings of up to $20,000.

After the initial cards have been dealt, players will have a chance to select which cards they wish to hold. Those not held will then be dealt again in the hopes of an improved hand. To hold a card you simply click that card, when completed, click the deal button once again and the un-held cards will then be dealt. Bet values cannot be adjusted during active game play.

Selecting more coins per hand will allow for higher winnings. Players will be able to receive wins 5x higher than those if one coin has been selected. At maximum bet a payout of 4,000 coins is available, however, if a lower coin amount is selected, then players will only receive 250 coins for one coin, two coins will double that value to 500 coins, three coins will triple it, and four coins will quadruple the payout to 1,000 coins. This occurs for all other payouts as well with different winning values.

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