Double Joker Video Poker Review

Double Joker Video Poker Image

Double Joker is a type of video poker that involved joker cards in making combinations easier to activate. The game has been created by Microgaming, who has included various reward opportunities with standard combinations and those involving the Joker card. A natural royal flush is still the highest paying conjunction with a 4,000 coin win, but players can get the joker involved for a massive 500 coin reward.

Microgaming has left the rest of the game standard, which provides a familiar experience throughout all their video poker games. Players can enjoy Double Joker on various devices including mobile on iOS, Windows, and Android devices for smartphones and tablets. Download options and flash are available for PC. Players will find the same choices and opportunities are available for each platform, but mobile simply allows the incredible payouts to take place on the go.

The game is played with a single deck containing 54 cards. This includes 52 normal playing cards as well as 2 joker cards. Players have the option of choosing a double or nothing bonus after each winning round that will offer a hi-lo side game where your winnings can be doubled or lost. For those of you who feel lucky, the game can be played multiple times to double winnings multiple times.

How it Works

Double Joker has the same interface as other types of video poker from Microgaming. Below the playing cards, players can select various coin values that will be displayed with the plus and minus signs in the panel. Players can also wager additional coins that increase payouts as multiplier winnings take place. Once a bet total ranging from $0.01 to $25.00 has been selected, players can press deal. This will start the first round where 5 cards appear on the screen.

From these 5 cards, players can choose the ones they would like to exchange for others to create better combinations. The game will highlight those that are the lease valuable and most unlikely to be matched to other cards. Players can deselect any of these cards that have been selected by the game. Most of the time, the game will automatically leave out the cards that have been matched or that will prove great winning opportunities.

Once unwanted cards have been selected, players can press the draw button. This will remove all the selected cars and replace them with new cards from the same. They will be replaced by other cards from the same pack, which could add up to massive winning especially when jokers also form part of the pack.

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